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Monday Mani #25 - Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint


So I picked up these new nail polishes from Barry M as they're in such adorable colours and they're part of their new fast drying collection so of course I was keen to give them a try. 

There's 9 shades in total, and all with super cute names. I only have 4 from the collection but I will be picking up the rest as they're all such beautiful shades. 

I have the shades: 

Eat My Dust - Pastel blue

Lap of Honour - Pastel lilac 

Pit Stop (Stop the Clock) - Light grey with a slight lilac/blue tinge

Road Rage - Pastel mint

The other shades they have are: 
Full Throttle - Orange
In a Heart Beat - Coral
Kiss Me Quick - Pastel Pink 
Pole Position - Pastel Green 
Even though they have an orange and a coral, they're still pastel-esque, more muted down but I would wear all of these shades, I think they're all stunning. Go over to www.barrym.com to check out the shades. 

I'm a massive fan of Barry M polishes anyway, I mean seriously they're £2.99 - £3.99, and have so many different shades, effects, glitters, mattes etc. but these really are amazing. Theres no shimmer, they're opaque in one coat and the brush is the perfect size and thickness to make application fast and easy. They have created a new flatter brush for this collection so it's really quick to apply to your nails as well as the whole quick dry thing. I'm not bothered about the fast drying formula as I just whack my trusted Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat on and it's faff-free and dry in a matter of seconds but from what I can tel I don't think they're as fast drying as people would expect.

Just look at that packaging. So cute and they really catch your eye. Barry M have their packaging on point, recognisable even for the different collections and effects they bring out. On the Boots website it states Barry M are the most colourful brand in cosmetics which I 100% agree with. 

I find that my nail polish starts to peel off after a couple of days of wear, it's down to the base coat that I use I think. But these didn't budge until day 4 I believe, even when I tried to take my phone case off, I ended up snapping the case but my nails were still perfect...

... No chips, no dents, no peeling off, nothing, so I am really impressed by these and I hope they bring out more colours as I would 100% buy them all. 

That's it for today Monday Mani. Sorry there hasn't been many of these recently but I am working on some awesome posts for you so just bear with me.

Have you tried any of the new polishes? 

** Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. Barry M don't know I'm even doing this review and all opinions, photos and recommendations are my own. 

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