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Face Off #7 - Porefessional VS Nude Magique Primer


It's time to talk about two products that I love and 100% recommend. They're both as good as each other, just different ends of the price scale. Here's my thoughts... 

First, the Benefit Porefessional will put you back £24.50, and with its silky, oil free, lightweight texture, Porefessional instantly smoothes over pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and it also protects your skin from free radicals. Although it's mainly used as a primer underneath makeup to make it last all day, you can also apply it on its own or on top of makeup as it's a transparent balm that, when pressed into the skin, does a great job at evening out your skin leaving it looking and feeling silky smooth.

Now for the drugstore option, the L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream is priced at £9.99 and although very similar in texture and colour, this comes in 2 different shades, light-medium and medium-deep. I dont know why as it's translucent and goes on and smooths out into nothing, but really the texture is very similar if not identical, to the Porefessional. The L'Oreal offering has light reflectors and a micro-blur technology, that delivers an optical blurring effect to get a smooth and poreless nude-looking base. As L'Oreal say, it's C'est Magique! 

So now we've got the blurb out the way, let's get into the results. Both give a beautiful smooth looking base, but do they help in the longevity of your makeup?

Whether it's for a night out, daily wear or a quick top up through a long day, both of these are great and do exactly what they say on the tin. I love that you can use them a few different ways and they still prolong your makeup? Even better. 

£24.50 compared to £9.99. Do I need to say anymore? They work the same and there's a cheaper alternative. Next...

To be honest, the packaging is perfect. Squeezy taupes or pumps are ideal packaging for any makeup product that's a liquid or cream. The full size Benefit Porefessional lasts ages as you barely need any product, but the sample sizes still have a lot of product and last for months. The L'Oreal Blur Cream comes in a bigger tube and I'm nowhere near finished with my one yet but you need less than a pea size for your entire face. 

Would I repurchase?
I would repurchase the L'Oreal Blur Cream but probably not the Benefit Porefessional just because of the price difference. They're pretty much the same product so it doesn't really matter regarding performance but £25 on a primer that I can get for a tenner? C'mon what do you think? 

What I like about both of these products...
I love the finish they give my skin and how silky soft it feels.
They don't clog my pores or break me out.
They're so light on the skin so there's no mask-like feeling. 

What I don't like about both of these products...
I wish they were actually tinted so you could get some slight coverage and super smooth skin, rather than having to add something else over the top. Just for those "I can't be bothered" kind of days. We all have them. 

That's all for today's face off. I hope you like this kind of post as I've got a few coming your way and oddly enough, there's a few Benefit products mixed in there so keep your eyes peeled for those. 

Which do you prefer? 

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