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The Weekly Round Up #65


I've had the week off work this week so I've had a super chilled week, catching up on blogging and organising stuff and I've working on getting my butt out of the house more. But here's what I've been loving the most. 

Starting off with the most expensive of the products is the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Mask. I already have SuperMud and I picked this up online as it was a great price for a full size (50g) but it also had some samples of the rest of the masks. So I now have all of them to try and I'm working on a review too. ThirstyMud however is great at hydrating the skin (well duh) but it leaves my skin radiant and glowing and generally more plump. I love this and I have a feeling I will be a fan of all of the masks if this is how the first 2 have performed. Plus, this smells so amazing I could sit and sniff it all day. You get a whiff of coconutty goodness and it's just heavenly. I've never had a skincare product make my skin feel as amazing as this mask did. I didn't want to put any of my other skincare on because my skin just felt so soft and smooth and just happy. Like it had had gallons of water in a matter of minutes. First time I used it and I kept it on for about 20 minutes or so. Second time I kept it on overnight and both make my skin feel so amazing and in the morning my skin is literally glowing. Amazing. 

The Maxfactor Clump Defy Mascara is possibly my favourite mascara ever. I still love the False Lash Effect but this one does some amazing things to my lashes and it looks like I'm wearing false lashes. It's incredible. The brush is slightly curved and the bristles are spaced out in a way that means when running through your lashes, it catches every single lash and grabs on to it and combs through it from root to tip. It is an amazing mascara and I highly recommend checking it out. 

Maxfactor Creme Puff Blushes are still my favourite blushers and the only ones I've been wearing. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation was a pleasant surprise. I haven't really found a drugstore foundation that I like to use on its own on a daily basis, I normally end up mixing a couple together. But I have really been liking this foundation. It does run on the pink side but it still works and it gives pretty decent coverage. There will be a review on this and the powder as well as the Match Perfection foundation later on in the month once I've tested them a bit more. 

Collection Eyeshadow Palette has been the only one I've used this week. I love the shades, I love that they're pigmented and easy to blend and look really pretty on the eyes. I've been using them over a cream base like the Maxfactor Wild Shadow Stick in 05 or the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Nude Compliment

I have been loving the Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Illuminator this week. It works great as an illuminating base under foundation, but it's also great when mixed in with foundation. You can also dab some on to your cheek bones to highlight.

I have been using the Soap & Glory Solar Powder non stop this week and I think it's an amazing bronzer even for pale skin tones like myself. It leans slightly to the orange side but it's still a great bronzer. 

I've also been loving the MeMeMe Beat the Blues Pearl Pink Liquid Highlighter. The fact it's pink scared me off this but I gave it a try as I'm working on a few posts where this would be included and I've ended up using it everyday this week, whether I've been wearing makeup or not and I think it's stunning. Plus it's a more affordable version of Benefits High Beam.

I picked up some new Yoga pants from Sports Direct last weekend and I'm loving them. Nice yoga pants motivates me to roll out the yoga mat and do my thing. Speaking of yoga mats, I picked up this purple one at the weekend too and it wasn't till I got home that I realised it is the identical colour of the Diary Milk wrapper. May need to get a different colour so I'm not constantly reminded of chocolate when I do my yoga. I've also picked up a few other bits, I found this hoody at Matalan which is great as its long and covers my butt, it also has the little thumb holes in the sleeves to keep your hands warmer and it's got zip up pockets to whack your phone or iPod or whatever in and I really love it. If you want more info in these workout clothes I've purchased then let me know and I can do a haul or something. 

I mentioned the Pump Up App in last weeks round up I believe, but I've been really playing around with this, tracking my activity and following people for motivation and fitness ideas. It's a great app and if you feel you need some encouragement by others who are also on their own fitness journey, you should definitely check it out.

Finally, the other app I've been loving this week is the SIT App. This is an interval timer, so if you do 30 seconds of crunches, 30 seconds of bridges and 30 seconds of leg ups then this times it and let's you know once each exercise is finished and to move onto the next one or do rounds like what I use it for. It's great and so much easier than using the stop watch on my iPhone. You just set it to whatever you want with whatever intervals and times etc and away you go. 

I know that was quite a lot of things to get through but if you're still with me then thank you. 

Here's what's coming up in tomorrow Monday Mani...

...so make sure you come back and say hi. 

What's your favourite things from the week? 

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