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Makeup for fair skin


Today I thought I would share with you some of the products I love, that match my uber pale skin and also some products and brands that don't cater to us fair skin gals. Hope you enjoy.

Foundation & Concealer:

Of course my tried and true NARS foundation in Siberia and concealer in Chantilly are both the palest shades, and they match my skin tone perfectly. The Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Soft Ivory, Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Fair are also both perfect for my skin tone. 
Most of the Rimmel Foundations go light enough to suit my complexion although they run on the pink side, like the Lasting Finish Nude as well as the Match Perfection. I find the Wake Me Up is very orange toned which is not a flattering look.

The Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette in 01 is pretty much the only concealer that matches me perfectly across all 3 products included in the palette - Sleek is a great brand in general for fair skin tones.
Although the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 is a great shade and is even slightly lighter under my eyes so it gives a nice brightening effect. Perfect if you haven't got much sleep. 

I thought I'd share some of the products I've tried which don't match my skin, as I did struggle to find my perfect shade foundation in the drugstore as well as the higher end market. 
The Bourjois base products don't go pale enough, the foundations could do with another pale shade which I think I could then make work, but the concealers don't match either. Maybelline Foundations and Concealers are also too dark for me - Fit Me, Super Stay and the new Dream Touch thingy ma jiggy. I've been so eager to try the Fit Me Concealer but it's a no go, even the palest shade is just too dark, doesn't even work for blemishes as its the same as adding a massive red beacon on the top because it's just so noticeable, so I've stayed away from those and come to terms I'm too pale for most drugstore brands. 
Maxfactor are in the middle really. Yes I can use their foundations, but they're slightly on the pink side so I much prefer to mix them in with something like the NARS SG but on their own they just look odd. 
Although I do wear it and make it work, the L'Oreal True Match Foundation is a smidge too dark so I have to make sure I really blend it in, although in the summer it works a lot better. 

Powder & Bronzer:

Starting off with powders, my favourites are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in Diffused Light & Incandescent Light. These are both fair colours so on my pale skin they look natural and give a soft focus effect to my skin, almost like its own filter. Dim Light is too dark for my skin tone and Radiant Light jas a bronzey tone to it so only looks good too add warmth and a nice JLo glow type thing. 
The Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder or the ELF Under Eye Setting Powder are perfect for my under eye area and are great at keeping everything where it should be and have the perfect amount of brightness for the under eye area. 
There are a few drugstore powders which I really like including the Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder, Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot and L'Oreal True Match Powder is a great one too. 

As for bronzers, the Soap & Glory Solar Powder has two shades, a lighter and darker in the same compact so you can customize your colour depending on how tanned you are, (or not in my case). 
The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 02 ?? is a very fair shade and barely shows up on my skin so it can b built up to a customisable shade again. Both of these are great and they don't look too orangey and fake. As for a contour shade, the NYX Blush in Taupe is the perfect product in my opinion to add some natural shadow to your face to sculpt and define your best features.lus, it's great as an eyeshadow too. 
The NARS Laguna Bronzer is perfect to warm up my complexion, and the bronzer in the Sleek Contouring & Blush Palette is a drugstore dupe for the NARS as the shades are identical and are incredibly similar in texture, pigmentation and wear time. 

Now onto the powders and bronzers I've tried which just aren't suitable for my skin and first is the Bare Minerals Well Rested Concealer Setting Powder which is agaim too dark for under my eyes, so it ends up making my dark circles look a lot more prominent which isn't what I'm going for so keep an eye out for that.
For bronzer, the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer in 52 runs quite orangey and doesn't look natural on my skin so I stay away from that although I do still try and make it work every now and then as I don't want to waste it because it's an okay product, it's just the shade.

So there's the products I mostly struggle with to work with my skin. I hope you found this helpful.
If you want to learn more about your skin tone and what works best for you then stay tuned because over the next few weeks I will be uploading some posts sharing some tips on how to find what skin tone you are, what products work best for you and how to find your perfect foundation. 

Do you have pale skin? What products do you recommend? 

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  1. Some lovely picks! I don't get on well with the Nars foundation, it sinks into my pores and appears rather patchy. I absolutely adore the Hourglass powders! Perfection x

    1. Ahh really? I apply it with a Beauty Blender and it's beautiful. Hourglass is pricey but they're worth it.


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