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Lorac Pro Palette Review


This has been a long, long time coming. I don't know why it's taken me so long to publish this review but it's here now and I really hope you like it. 

I'm in love with this palette. Review done. No? Okay, well be warned, I will be raving about this palette so if you don't like repetition of words like amazing, fantastic, beautiful, buttery, love it or stunning then you should probably click the back button and go onto one of my other posts.
I really like how they have done this palette, top row, all matte shades, bottom row, all shimmery shades. So there's 8 of each, 8 matte shades in one palette? Crazy right?

There aren't any swatches in this review because to be honest, they look awful so the photo shows each shade, it's completely to colour and that is how they show up on the lid. 

Pigmentation: 9 out of 10 - There's a few which aren't as pigmented as I'd like, e.g. cream, mauve but they can be built up
Packaging: 9 out of 10 - It's sleek, it's travel friendly, but the packaging gets very dirty, fast
Blend-ability: 10 out of 10
Texture: 9 out of 10 - They have some fall out, and some are slightly powdery
Variety: 10 out of 10 
Shade selection: 8 out of 10 - They're very warm toned, but have great neutral shades from neutral to more smokey, night time appropriate shades. Lots of looks can be created from this palette
Value for money: 10 out of 10 - MAC shadows are £10 just in the pan, that's £160, but for this palette the shadows work out at about £1.50 each. 
Price: 8 out of 10 - The actual price of the palette is around £30 (Nordstrom) however there is limited availability in the UK so you will get slapped with extortionate shipping charges (£20-£30 on top of your purchase) 
Availability:  5 out of 10 - Getting your hands on this when you live in the UK is possible if you are happy to purchase makeup off Amazon which I am then it's a lot easier. 
Lasting Power: 9 out of 10 - The more powdery ones can wear off slightly through the day

There is also a Pro 2 Palette as well as a Pro Mega Palette which was the 2014 holiday palette. The Mega Palette has 2 rows of mattes and 2 rows of shimmers, giving 32 eyeshadows in total. I want to get my hands on it so bad but again availability in the UK is completely pants, unless you want to spend an extra £20 for shipping. 

I love this palette. I think it's an amazing collection of neutral shades with a hint of colour in there too, and it's perfect for a beginner or a pro makeup artist. 

Have you tried any of the Lorac Pro Palettes? 

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