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Latest discoveries from the drugstore - Drugstore Recommendations #4


I've got a drugstore theme week for you this week. Today I'm going to share with you my latest drugstore discoveries, Wednesday is drugstore makeup brush guide/review and Friday I'll be showing you some drugstore dupes. Enjoy.

1. Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush in Gorgeous Berries & Seductive Pink
These are pretty new to the drugstore, and as soon as I saw them I just had to pick a couple up. There's 6 shades in total: 
Lovely Pink
Nude Mauve Pink
Lavish Mauve
Alluring Rose
(I have the following shades)
Gorgeous Berries:
As the name suggests, this shade is a really pretty berry shade with a lighter pink running through it.
Seductive Pink:
The opposite - a lighter pink but with some darker berry tone veins.

All have a really nice gold shimmery tone running through it so when it's applied, there is a subtle highlighter effect which just makes the skin look healthy and radiant.
They're really pigmented and so easy to apply, they're soft so they blend out really effortlessly, and you can even build up the colour to suit your look, with no blotchy-ness. 
Really like these blushers and I may have to give the more mauve-y toned ones a try.

2. Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water 
Garnier brought out this Micellar water for combination to oily skin and I thought I would give it a try and see if there's any difference between this and the regular formula. The cleaning agents in this, act like magnets for dirt and lifts away makeup and impurities. No rinsing necessary. It also cleanses and purifies the skin. It can be used on face, eyes or lips and there's no perfumes so it's great for sensitive skin. I didn't notice anything different when I used this to the regular one, however it may be more noticeable for someone who has combination/oily skin.

I wanted to note that Garnier have brought out lots of new Pure Active products recently, like the Miracle Skin Cream, moisturisers, cleansing milk, BB Cream, makeup remover wipes and then the Micellar Water. It's great that they're bringing them out, and it's better to do it before the hotter months. Hopefully this will make skincare routines a lot easier and more straight forward for those of you with combination/oily skin. 

3. L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream 
I saw one of my favourite bloggers use this the other day and as soon as they said how much they liked it, it went straight onto my shopping list and anything I have tried that she has recommended, I've loved so I trust her recommendations. Anyway, this is a tinted pore minimising primer - but let's not get the wrong idea, it does not get rid of your pores in the slightest, it just minimises the appearance - it's incredibly similar to Benefit Porefessional. The texture, coloir, performance, it's a really great dupe and I highly recommend it.

(Swatches: 1,2,4,6,8,10)

4. Loreal La Palette Nude 
It's about time there was a neutral drugstore palette out. There's some beautiful shades in here, ranging from matte to shimmery. This palette costs £14.99 and it's great value for money as easy shadow costs £1.50. The packaging is very sleek and good quality, very light so would be perfect for travelling - you can make a light neutral daytime look, and darken it up slightly for a more smokey, evening appropriate look. I'm not keen on the scent as it smells quite cheap and chemically but otherwise, it's a decent palette from the drugstore. 

5. Real Techniques Brushes - Nik's Picks 
I love the Real Techniques brushes and now they're bring out new brushes, and have more expensive brushes too (Bold Metals). I just couldn't resist this set and I am really liking them so far. In this set there's: 
Duo Fibre Face Brush
Cheek Brush (limited edition) 
Angled Shadow Brush (limited edition) 
Base Shadow Brush
Eyeliner Brush (limited edition) 
I'm not going to go into detail anymore as I am doing a makeup brush guide/review on Friday so make sure to come back for that. 

6. L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper
This instantly reminded me of the Benefit Gimme Brow as the wand is teeny tiny, which makes it great at getting hold of every single hair and not getting brow gel all over your face. The Brow Plumper also has fibres in which grab onto the hairs to give a fuller, more texturised brow. It keeps my brows in place all day and it's from the drugstore so no extortionate price tag like the Gimme Brow. 

Don't forget to check back Wednesday for more drugstore goodness, where I'm going to show you some drugstore dupes. Thanks for reading.

What products have you recently discovered? 

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