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Drugstore Dupes #3


I've been trying out lots of new makeup recently and the great thing about that is I often find cheaper alternatives to the more pricey products that I just love. So today I'm going to go through some of my current favourites and hopefully give you the chance to try some products but for a lot less. Let's go...

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know how much I love primers, in particular the Benefit The PoreFessional. It's a great product and I use it everyday without fail. So when I came across this drugstore dupe, it got me very excited and I have been trying my best to wait until this post to tell you all about it. It's the L'Oreal Nide Magique Blur Cream, which is a perfecting primer, meaning it smooths out the skin and instantly blurs out pores to create a perfect base for makeup. They have this is two shades, I use light/medium but it doesn't really make much of a difference in my opinion. Everyone should give this a try, especially if you're a fan of the PoreFessional. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Blushers VS Nicka K Powder Blush
First is for blusher and you may have heard about the Hourglass blushers and seen their price tag, so when I was sent the Nicka K blush in a subscription box that was very very similar to Luminous Flush, I got very very excited. Apart from the main thing being ones in loose powder form and one is like a baked kind of product, both of these give a beautiful flush to the cheeks but also add an extra glow so there is minimal need for an additional highlight. They're both great products, last all day and just Look stunning.

- Swatches: Hourglass = left, Nicka K = right. 

Urban Decay Naked Palettes VS Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes 
The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are massively loved but they come in at over £30 per palette, so when Makeup Revolution came out with their Iconic palettes I knew I had to try them out and compare them and although the shadows aren't 100% identically in shade and texture, they still great Eyeshadows and for £5.99 each, they're a lot friendlier on the purse. 
- Swatches: Makeup Revloution = left, Urban Decay = right, and as you can see, on some of the swatches, they are more pigmented on the drugstore swatch than they are on the higher end. 

1. Sidecar, toasted, gunmetal 

2. Snakebite, YDK, busted

MAC Studio Finish Concealer VS NYX Full Cover Concealer
MAC is a very popular and expensive brand and not everyone has the money to spend £15 on a concealer when they can get one for £6. The coverage is practically identical with these products and although I am paler than the palest MAC and NYX shade, they're still great and I can just about make them work. Perfect for touch ups through the day or to cover a stubborn blemish. 

Oskia Perfect Cleanser VS Soap & Glory UltiMelt Hot Cloth Cleanser
A review of the Oskia Perfect Cleanser should be up next week so I won't go into too much detail but I'm sure you know by now how much I love this stuff, and how expensive it is. So to find an affordable alternative for a third of the price which I already had in my skincare stash, is just great. Both very nourishing balm cleansers that removes makeup, cleans the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and happy. 

NARS Laguna Bronzer VS Sleek Bronzer (Contouring & Blush Palette in Light)
There's been so much hype over the NARS Laguna Bronzer over the last couple of years and I've only just got my hands on it which I don't regret at all. Mine came in a palette but on its own it costs £27 which is pricey for a bronzer. So it was a massive surprise to find that I had a identical bronzer in my Sleek Contouring Palette. They are identical and both look exactly the same on my skin. It's incredible. I love both of them and I alternate between them.

- Swatches: Sleek = left, NARS = right.

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter VS Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette 
Annoyingly the Benefit Watts Up doesn't match my skin tone as its too orangey/bronzey so I can't actually use it properly on my skin which is how I came about finding this dupe. The Sleek Precious Metals Palette not only has the very similar shade to Watts Up, Royal Gold, but it also has lighter shades too which match my skin tone so it's a win win product. They're both very shimmery, cream texture and blend nicely too - I use my Beauty Blender which works fine. 

I hope you have enjoyed today's drugstore dupes post and that you try some of the cheaper alternatives out. Let me know if you have any other dupes and products that you recommend.

Do you have any drugstore dupes? 

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