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The Weekly Round Up #59


Apologies for missing a couple of posts this week, I've felt pretty crappy and to be honest, staring at a screen even for a few minutes has been a tad difficult. But today, as normal, is my weekly round up. I'll be honest, I don't have any new things to share with you really, as I've only worn makeup for half of the week. 

First starting off with my favourite thing from the past 2 weeks which is the Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow which has just been an amazing product and I love how it looks on my skin. I got this in this months Glossybox and I couldn't be happier with it. Another thing from the box is the MeMeMe Eyeliner in Clay. I've used this on my top and bottom lashline with a black kohl liner in the waterline. I love how it looks, it smudges well, it's creamy yet long lasting and it's pigmented. 

The Oskia Perfect Cleanser has been my cleanser of choice this week as my Emma Hardie cleanser is almost gone. This is a thick balm which turns to an oil and it leaves my skin ridiculously soft and smooth. Review will be up soon. 

Because I've felt rubbish, showering and washing my hair is the best way for me to feel decent and the John Frieda Volumizing Mousse has been my go to volumising product for when my hair is wet.mit doesn't make my hair crispy or heavy or anything like that and there's no sign of it when my hair is dry. It's a great mousse and for a great price.

The eyeshadow palette of choice this week has been from the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette. This is a great, basic palette, you can create a neutral, minimal look, or even a smokey eye. It's perfect for travel and for those in a rush mornings. Love it. 

TV shows I've been obsessed with have been Homeland which is a CIA/terrorists kind of deal and it's actually a really great storyline. Although the end really did make me tear up slightly. Then, it was time for something different and away from all these CIA, FBI shows and time a medical genius. Good old Mister House. Great show, great cast and it's easy to watch. 

What new products have you tried recently that you would recommend? 

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