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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette


When it comes to luxury makeup, Hourglass sure know how to bring it.

I thought I would give you my thoughts on my newly acquired makeup item. Presenting the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette. After loving the first one I purchased, Diffused Light, it was only a matter of time before I got the palette including the Limited Edition shade Incandescent LightEven if it does come with a hefty price tag for a face powder. But it's no ordinary face powder. Oh no. 
Here's my thoughts...

Shades: Dim Light, Radiant Light and the Limited Edition Incandescent Light. The range of shades in this palette doesn't lean favourably to us pale skin gals, but it's versatile so there's a use for them all, no matte what skin tone you have. That's a great feature in a product like this. 
Packaging: 9 Very sleek, simple yet sturdy. Shows fingerprints which is the only downside to the packaging. 
Texture: 10 They're really light, soft powders so they don't make the skin look dry or cakey. 
Wear: 8 Once you have applied the powder, it gives a beautiful finish to the skin and that lasts pretty well throughout the day. It sets my makeup and highlights my skin. I wouldn't use it as a touching up powder through the day though but otherwise, I love it. 
Collection: 10 There are 6 shades available in full size; Diffused light, Dim light, Ethereal light, Luminous light, Mood light and Radiant light. But the 3 in this palette, (one being a limited edition that's only available in this palette), are said to be the most popular. 

They're lightweight so they don't make your makeup look cakey at all. Seriously it's magic. It adds a beautiful glow to the skin and they're such versatile powders. 
1. All over face powder
2. Under eye setting Powder
3. All over glow
4. Cheekbone Highlight

The Background:
There's some science-y/smart people stuff that I won't go too in to, but the idea behind the powders is that they have color correcting, multi-dimensional particles that refract light and refines the appearance of the complexion, as well as concealing imperfections and pores. That's how the different light effects are out into play. It's very smart and if you've tried any of these powders, you will know that it really does works. They're also Talc and Paraben free.

There's some mixed reviews online and everyone has different tastes and different skin. But personally, I think these are great and if she's lucky, I may even get one for my mum to try out. Depends on how nice she is to me.

There you go. One more review down, 9 bagillion to go. Is bagillion a word? Wait, question should really be, is it a real number? 

Thanks for reading.

Have you tried out any products from Hourglass? Any recommendations? 

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