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The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil


The Body Shop is a very popular brand all over the world and they have some incredible products and ranges, and well, everything from bath and body to skincare and makeup. A beauty lovers dream. I've been a huge fan of the brand for a long time and on a recent online purchase, I got to looking at the new Wild Argan Oil line and had to pick up some bits.

I ended up getting this Christmas set which was such great value for money at £17.00, and great to just try out the products and see what I think. Upon first impressions, the scent isn't as nice as I was hoping, but it's okay and the products themselves are reasonably good, unfortunately I'm not blown away with this range of products. 

Shower Gel 
The shower gels are always so luxurious and nourishing and do what they should. The scent lingers in the bath room and on your skin for a while, but in my experience, it doesn't do anything outstanding. 

Body Scrub 
The body scrub has Moroccan and Argan shells in it so it's not super harsh beads or salt or anything. As it has the Argan oil in it, it's moisturising yet leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Apart from the scent, I am a huge fan of this particular product and will continue to use this. 

Body Butter
Probably the product the brand is so notorious for. The body butters are incredible and I've loved them for a very long time. This one is extra moisturising with the Argan oil so it's thicker than some of the other body butters, but this one sinks into the skin really fast so you can put clothes on pretty much straight after - However I don't use tonnes of the stuff though as my skin doesn't like too much moisturiser otherwise it ends up irritating my legs. It makes my skin really soft, it's just that scent that I can't seem to like. 

Massage Bar Soap 
(Exclusive to the Christmas set that I purchased).
This set included a massage bar which isn't something I've used before and I am, very sensitive shall we say, even a hug hurts me so I didn't even try it.

There's 9 products in total in the line with a body lotion, radiant oil, bubble bath and a bath Lily (finally, there's a name for those things). But I also picked up these two products which I'd heard good things about...

Miracle Solid Oil
Not something I've seen from the brand before, and it's had some mixed reviews on the TBS website.
This is a bit of a strange one, as it's a hard balm, in a tin. So you have to really work to get enough of the product out to do anything, but it can be used on your body or your hair and with the Argan Oil in there, it's a nourishing product. But working for a tiny amount of a solid oil to use all over your body, is too much like hard work. I found I didn't reach for it because it's such a pain to get out, but if the texture was more of a cleansing balm type thing and you could scoop more out then it would be worth it. If the scent was much nicer and I could really tell a difference when using the product, I would work for it, but this in my opinion, just isn't worth it. 

Miracle Solid Lip Balm
Nothing too amazing. I used this overnight for a week when I first got it and it made my dry lips a lot worse. It doesn't moisturise the lips, it seems to dry them out more. Not something I want in winter, well any season. 

My thoughts of this line? The scent is too chemically. It doesn't smell natural like the other scents they have. This is an amazing ingredient they're using and the products and the scent just isn't as high quality as the other ranges they sell. I never thought I would say this, but I don't like this range from TBS as much as I'd hoped, because normally I am a massive fan. 

Love Your Body Rewards Card: 
I have a TBS card which gets me 10% off (I believe) when I purchase something for a whole year. Anyone can get one of these cards. You pay £5 to get the LYB card and it works on an incentive so when you get your 4th stamp. You get a free gift to the value of £5 (in stores only), and on your 8th stamp, you get a free gift worth £10. They also give you £5 off in store for purchases in the month of your birthday. It's a great rewards scheme and I think it's worth signing up if you love TBS products. Also comes in handy for buying Christmas presents as you can get something extra if you get enough stamps even though you're purchasing gifts for other people. With this rewards card, you will receive exclusive offers and special savings, and get invitations for exclusive special events. You are also the first to hear of any new product launches and updates on what's going on with the brand. Okay so I've talked about this enough, I just think it's a great scheme from an incredible brand and I highly recommend the brand as a whole. Incase you didn't get that from this ramble.

What's your favourite range from The Body Shop?? 

** Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by The Body Shop to do this post. I purchased these products with my own money. They're not aware I am doing this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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