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New Years Resolutions


I don't normally bother with New Years resolutions but I thought that because this year I have lots of ideas and things coming up for it's a beauty thing I want to get everything sorted so I can do said things well. 

1. When going through and writing up my 2014 favourites and finding post links for products, I realised I hadn't done many reviews on products I love and ones that I don't. Which is strange because I feel I talk about them all the time. So my first New Years resolution is to write more reviews. I may include a review on my blog once or twice a month maybe on particular days. But I'm not sure yet but I definitely want to write more reviews.

2. Next is to stick to my uploading schedule. Incase you didn't know. I upload Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekend (sometimes once, sometimes twice). It's funny because as I'm writing this, I know this isn't going up on a normal upload day but there were too many posts I wanted to do with not enough time. Plus 2014 favourites are to blame. Sometimes there will be featured weeks where they're as part of a theme and I may upload every day that week, but that's only on the odd occassion.

3. For my third New Years resolution, I definitely want to eat healthier. I don't eat great foods. They're normally junk and not proper food other than meals I have with my parents. So I need to get into the swing of eating healthier, losing a bit of weight that I've put on after just not caring and I want to try and make myself feel healthier and better (even if I do feel like a 90 year old).

4. Back to beauty now and in 2015 I want to reduce my collection. Only of things I don't like or use, and it's silly because there's quite a few things I don't use in my collection from skincare to makeup and hair care. I start things and leave the last product half empty and it them gathers dust and takes up valuable space. So I want to reduce my beauty stash and only keep the things I love and use on a regular basis. 

5. Last but not least is a bit of a strange one, but I want to experience more. At the minute, with my crappy hip and not being able to do a lot, it holds me back and it makes me miserable and frustrates me so much to the point where I don't want to go out anywhere. But this year I want to push the anxiety and pain down and go out and do things, regardless of whether my hip is going to cause a problem. I should hopefully be getting surgery on it this year anyway which should hopefully make it a lot easier, but this is probably my number 1 thing I will be aiming for this year. I can't let it hold me back anymore. Any ideas welcome as to how I can go about this one. 

That's it for today's post. I hope you like it. I would love to hear some of your New Years resolutions.

What are your aims for 2015? 

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