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5 Beauty Rules You CAN Break


Not something I've done before, but today it's about the beauty rules that are made to be broken. Here's my top 5...

1. Apply powder/setting spray after foundation
Nowadays, most of us know that this is something that can be done before applying foundation. This gives your makeup a heck of a lot more staying power.

2. Only have one main focus point in your look
This is something that I've always tried to remember. Whether it be a smokey eye or a bold lip - But never both together. But I love to rock the red lip and winged liner, or bold lip and bright cheeks. If done right, this is definitely a rule you can break. 

3. Lip liners are meant for lining your lips
We see it a lot now, where lip liners are not only being used to line the lips - we all know what the benefits of that is - but also to fill in the lips using a lip liner to keep whatever is going over the top of it, in place for longer. But it's also used on it's own, and it has all the benefits as well. Awesome idea.

4. Foundation is for the entire face
The misconception is that foundation should be used over the entire face as a sort of mask. However, I see it as foundation is used to even out your skin tone, and most people will have certain areas (however small) that don't have any blemishes, or dry patches or redness or whatever your skin concerns might be. So use foundation to cover the parts that need it and let your natural skin shine through. 

5. Dry shampoo is just to absorb oil
Because dry shampoos main advertising point is that it absorbs oil and freshens up your hair, it would seem unconventional to use it even after your hair is freshly washed and dry. Dry shampoo comes in lots of different varieties but my favourite are the volumising ones. Dry shampoo adds some extra grit and hold to the hair, making volumising an easy task. Try it. It works. 

There's a few beauty rules for you to break. And who knows, maybe I'll find some more for you. 

What beauty rules do you break on a regular basis? 

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