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How to: Fake a good nights sleep - 5 easy steps


Whether you've been out partying all night at your Christmas party, or just had a late one watching too much Netflix. Here's a quick guide on how to fake a good nights zzzz's in 5 easy steps.

I've had quite a lot of practise at making myself look like I've had 8 hours worth of sleep when I'm lucky to get two. So I thought I would give you my top tips so you can look presentable and fresh faced when really you feel like a zombie. 

1. De-Puff: Puffy, tired eyes need the help of some cold spoons, slices of cucumber, or even the old tea bag trick. There's a reason why the "old fashioned" tips were told, because they really do work. Apply eye cream to moisturise and hydrate the area after to last through the day. 

2. Perfect your base: Dull skin? Use moisturising, luminising products, this can start with your skincare and then with your primer, foundation, don't go in too heavy on the foundation, keep it natural and fresh. Concealing dark circles is the best thing you can do. If you do none of the other steps, concealing dark circles is a must. 

3. Curl them lashes: Open your eyes, keep them bright, but matte. No shimmer on the eyes - it draws the attention to it. Nude coloured pencil to get rid of redness on your lower waterline makes the world of difference. Using a brown or black eyeliner on the top lashes and flicking it out will lift the eye and make it look more awake and wider. 

4. Flushed and flawless: A natural rosy flush to the cheeks and glowing, radiant skin will give you the fresh faced appearance. Leaving any signs of tiredness or partying, behind. Highlighter makes the world of difference. 

5. Don't skip the lips: Even if you can't be bothered with a high maintenance bold lip, go with something that really brightens the complexion. A nice sheer pink or red will help you no end. 

There's my top tips on how to fake a good nights sleep. I hope you have found this helpful, or will find it helpful after you've been out all night for New Years and got back at a ridiculous time in the morning. I remember those days. I'm a 22 year old grandma now.

Do you have any plans for New Years? 

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