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The Weekly Round Up #55


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. It's nearly 2015 so there's lots of things to get through this week so expect a post everyday. Today's it's my weekly round up, the things I've been loving for the week.

Obviously Christmas was the main thing this week. It was really nice to spend it with some of the family and stuff our faces with Christmas dinner and chocolates. I got lots of lovely things from friends and family so I want to share a few bits with you.

1. Reindeer Onesie - My older brother gave me this and it is the softest and fluffy-est thing I've ever felt. I love it. It's so warm and cosy too so I will get a lot of wear out of this. 

2. Tesco Star Pj's & Penguin Socks - I actually picked this up for myself as I was finishing off my Christmas shopping. I picked these up for my best friend and I ended up going back and pick up some for myself. Plus, how cute are these Penguin Socks.

3. Fluffy Jumpers - My parents got me two jumpers, the polar bear one and the white fluffy one. I've been obsessed with the white one with the shoulder detail. It's lost a lot of it's fluffy ness now but it's still a really lovely jumper. I wore the polar bear one and a Miss Selfridge Gold Skirt for Christmas Day and I loved how the bigger fluffy jumper looked with a really nice short skirt and tights. 

4. Paco Robanne Black XS Perfume - Something else I was going to pick up for myself for Christmas but my mum and dad ended up getting me it instead. I love this perfume. As you probably know, I prefer the rich, deeper, musky fragrances and this is the right amount of all of them. 

5. Maxfactor GlossFinity Nail Polish in Angel Nails - I got this whilst on a shopping trio to finish my Christmas shopping (along with a few other bits) and I love how this looks. It's a silvery, rosey hued metallic polish and it's just such a beautiful shade.

6. Sleek Highlighter Palette in Liquid Metal - This is a great highlighting palette available at the drugstore. It has cream highlighters, perfect for a lot of skin tones from super pale and white to deeper bronze-y shades. Love it. 

7. Sleek Contour & Blush Palette - I've been using this everday this week, in fact the entire month. It's an amazing affordable palette which has everything you need for your cheeks. I have super pale skin and the bronzer is a great shade. 

8. Rimmel Exagerate Lip Liner in East End Snob - This is an amazing shade for a neutral look. It's can be paired with a darker lipsticks. 

9. The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum - Now onto a skincare item and this has been a new addition to my skincare routine this month and it's been really great for my morning routine. It's a lightweight serum which adds some hydration but also soothes and calms the skin. Plus, it's from a brand I know and trust. 

10. TV Series - Alphas - My Netflix addiction this week. I love Netflix and I discovered this amazing TV programme which I am hoping will have another series out soon.

That's it for this weeks weekly round up. There's a lot going on over the next week so I'll be uploading everyday. Hope you enjoy. 

What goodies did you get from Santa this year? 

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