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December Favourites


I can't believe it's the end of 2014. It's gone so fast this year and even Christmas Day didn't feel like Christmas Day. But I hope you all had an amazing day and spent lots of time with family and stuffing yourself with lots of yummy food. 

Anywho, as always, I'm going to go through my favourites from the month. 2014 favourites will be on the 31st, 2nd and 5th, so make sure to keep an eye out for those too.

I've been loving the Sleek Contour & Blush Palette this month. I've mainly used the bronzer as it's such a beautiful shade for my skin and although I thought it would be too dark when I first purchased it, I'm glad I've started using it and discovered as it's actually a really nice shade for my pale skin tone. Really like it. The blush is quite glittery so I'm not massively keen on that but the highlighter is nice for a drugstore option. Speaking of highlighter, Sleek have released their Liquid Metals Highlighter Palette which I managed to pick up from Boots and it is definitely worth getting your hands on if you can. It has 4 shades, they're all cream highlighters (I think) and they look stunning on the cheeks. Love the look they give on the cheeks.

Next for makeup is an eyeshadow combo I've worn a lot this month. I first start with the Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Willow as a light shimmery base, then I add the Rimmel Eyehsadow in Smokey Quartz on the outer corner and crease and lower lashline to add some definition. Then I finish with the Lorac Pro Palette's Pewter Shadow on the outer corner. Love this look. I then finish this look off with a few coats of the Bourjois Glamour Max Holidays Mascara (or something along those lines) which I've been loving this month. 

Whilst finishing off my Christmas shopping, I ended up finding a few things that I've been looking for for a long time. The Maxfactor GlossFinity Nail Polish in Angel Nails. This is such a stunning silvery Rose gold metallic polish which is just so stunning. I ended up wearing this for a good two weeks at least this month. Love it and it's possibly my favourite nail polish ever now.

The Kryolan Cashmere Highlighter has been a regular in my everyday makeup routine. This makes such a stunning glow on the cheeks and I apply this before and after my foundation. 

As for skincare, the Aloe Protective Serum from The Body Shop has been introduced into my routine this month and it's been a really nice light serum for underneath my makeup. It's light and gel consistency and hydrates and smoothes the skin too. 

This month Birchbox had a beautiful Sophie Webster Purse which I've been using a lot this month. It's a lovely pattern and a great size and putting in a clutch bag or just to put in your pocket or whatever. 

I ended up dying my hair darker for Christmas as I desperately needed to do my roots anyway. So I dyed my hair darker and I was getting fed up if having white streaks in my hair due to dry shampoo and I tried the medium Batiste Dry Shampoo but it was still to light so I ended up getting the Dark Brown Dry Shampoo which is super cheap and affordable and does the job perfectly. Doesn't leave a residue or white cast in my hair. 

As for Christmas presents, I was very lucky to get the gifts that I did and I love and appreciate them all. 

Some of my favourite gifts were the Black XS Perfume from Paco Robanne from my parents which is such an amazing scent. My ex boyfriend used to wear the men's version and I always loved it and this is great for anyone who loves sexy deep rich scents. Plus how cute is the little bottle. 

Next is this Polar Bear Jumper my parents got me which I am in love with. It's really soft and fluffy and super warm. I wore this with a Miss Selfridge Gold Skirt I got on Black Friday. So this was my Christmas outfit. 
This is the softest, fluffy-est, cosy-est onesie which my brother got me for Christmas. It's the best onesie ever and I will be wearing this all year round, even if it does have reindeer on it.

Also following with the cosy clothes trend, I picked up these Star PJs from Tesco. I picked up some for my best friend for Christmas but I ended up going back and getting myself some. They're comfy and warm and I love that it has a jumper rather than just a t-shirt or something. The leggings are really nice even to sleep in. 

That's it for my December favourites for 2014. Check out my 2014 annual favourites in a few days and let me know what your favourites are from the month of December. 

Did you get anything nice for Christmas? 

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