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Christmas Gift Guide Part 2


As promised, here's part 2 to my gift guide this Christmas. Today is all about stocking stuffers, some fashion bits, and some ideas to buy for the men in your life.


1. Starting off with fragrance, and candles are a great gift, especially a luxurious candle. This Works, Sanctuary and Next candles are some great, affordable options. Reed Diffusers are also a nice gift this year. They can fill your rooms with a beautiful scent all day and you don't have to worry about leaving them unattended as it's just a bottle with some wooden sticks in. Many companies that sell candles, also have the corresponding reed diffuser too.  

2. Christmas means lots of perfume gift sets and offers and every year I always get a bottle. They're the gift sets which include a body product or a miniature bottle for your handbag or something like that. Or, if you're not sure what perfume to get, pick a mini set which has a few different perfumes in so they can pick and choose. Don't forget to ask them which one their favourite is for next years Christmas or birthday gift. Some of my favourite perfumes are the 212 Sexy from Caroline Herrera, or the English Laundry No7 which I'm obsessed with. I also like the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfumes too. 

Fashion:     *******

3. A really nice, thick, quality scarf is a great gift for guys and girls. I love my burgundy infinity scarf and have really got my money's worth out of it. But it's a versatile colour and is so thick and warm, it really is a great idea. There's lots of tartan going around this year again so maybe you know someone who is looking for a great tartan scarf, New Look have some great quality ones for a reasonable price! Which is where I got this black and white houndstooth?? scarf from. It's so warm and thick and is great quality. What's even better, is scarves are a great gift for men too, as they don't really buy themselves a scarf (well no one in my family does) so a nice scarf or even a hat is perfect.

4. Some pjs are always a great Christmas present too (especially if they're Christmas themed). I love getting pjs for Christmas so I never have to buy my own. Onesies are of course going to be mentioned in a gift guide. I think they're brilliant and there's so many cute animal ones or patterned designs. I love these thick furry white onesies. They're so warm and cosy and you can get onesies from lots of places now for a reasonable price. Don't know if this should come under fashion but never mind. 

5. Finally is a nice thick, warm fluffy jumper, whether Christmas themed or not, and these are just great to hang around in after you've stuffed your face full of Christmas dinner and are now getting ready to see other family members. They're awesome and I know I am getting some jumpers for Christmas and I'm so excited to finally be able to wear them. I'm sure you'll see them on Instagram.


6. I wanted to include some jewellery bits in here too as the statement necklace and layering necklaces trends have really hit the fashion industry this year, so I thought if give you a few ideas. Notonthehighstreet.com and Etsy.com are great online websites where you can find really unique, personalised jewellery. It's also great for other things too from phone cases to wall art to photo frames. They're both great websites and I love the things they have on there. 

Stocking Stuffers:

7. Funny, Christmas socks are a tradition in my family. I always get my dad bright socks and my mum gets some really thick, warm socks. It's just what I've done for a long time. These always go in their stockings, (I like to do my Mum and Dad a stocking each for Christmas, I've done it the last few years and I just like doing that.) So some nice fluffy socks or slippers or even some cosy tights from Primark for the winter are great gifts for a stocking. 

8. This Works Deep Sleep - these come in sets, like the Dream Team or the Deep Sleep duos, they also have candles and bath salts which are great for anyone, especially those who are very stressed and just need to chill and relax every now and then. The little duos are very affordable and are great little gifts for people to try. Again, listen out to which they like best for next years gift. 

9. I found this book on Amazon and it's the Therapy Book ??. In short, it's basically an adults colouring book. Drawing and colouring for many people is something they do to relax, get they're mind off things, and be creative. This has some great patterns and drawings in here that I could happily sit and colour in all day. Great thing is you don't have to be artistic, because it's already drawn for you, you're just colouring it in. Throw in some colouring pencils or sharpies or something and there's another little gift. 

10. A subscription to a magazine or monthly beauty or lifestyle box is also a great gift for their stocking. Whether you get a full 12 months subscription or just a few months just for them to try out. It's a great little present and if you get it for a few months, it's like it's Christmas every time they get it.

11. I wear sunglasses all year long so getting a really nice pair that you probably wouldn't buy for yourself is a great gift. Ray Bans are great quality, they're on the higher price side but they're really nice, on trend, and carry so many different styles. 

For the guys:
12. I have two older brothers, my dad and my grandad to buy for so I have a little bit of practise when it comes to gift giving. Both my brothers, and my dad are very in to gadgets and phones and things like that so gadgets are always a great bet.
Story time: a few years ago, someone (could have been me actually) bought my dad a really nice pen for Christmas, he thought it was amazing and told me to try it out to see if I'd like it. So I push down the button at the top to write and I get an electric shock. The sneaky bugger hadn't let on that it was a trick pen. Safe to say, he had a lot of fun tricking people with that darn pen for the next few months. However, I'm ashamed to say that he got me with it more than once. I'm a forgetful person alright. 
Anyway, we all have smart phones in my family so getting something like a phone case which you could personalise, or even a portable charger is a great gift idea for gadget lovers.
You can of course get them some smellies, like shower gel, or a nice shaving kit, or, if you're feeling extra fancy, you can get them a nice bottle of... Do they call it aftershave? Cologne? A nice fragrance anyway. Or a little mini set with lots of different fragrances in for them to try. 
If the men in your life are into cars, bikes, or anything including tools, you could start them a tool kit (which you can add to every birthday and Christmas) so they have their very own tool kit.

I hope you liked this years gift guide and it's given you some ideas for gifts for others or for yourself. 

Happy shopping. 

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

** Disclaimer: I bought all of these with my own money, the products shown have been used by myself. Unfortunately I'm not able to go out and buy new products just for photos. Although I wish I could. The photos are just to give you ideas, as any product I show you, I highly recommend to anyone. 

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