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Decembers Birchbox


This is the best box I've ever received in regards to the actual box and theme. This month it's all about the party season, and the theme is Put On Your Party Shoes. But how beautiful is this box? As you probably know, I've been really impressed with Birchbox over the last 12 months and I was really excited to see what this months had to offer.

First of all I actually just want to mention something I haven't noticed ever on the box, I wonder if you will see it...

... It actually says The Divine Sophie Stevens, which I don't know if they've always done that, because I always know it's Birchbox and it's always mine so yeah, thought I would point that out. But it took longer to get here as it was stuck someone due to a back log of deliveries but luckily it's here now. So let's get into what's in this months box. 

For this months box, Birchbox collaborated with Sophia Wesbter and so to represent that, inside was a little Sophia Wesbter Purse which actually has a value of £25 so that's over double the value of the box already. Plus, it's one I will definitely use and just look at the design and the colours, perfect, I love it. 

Next is the Electric Hair Electric Hydrate Shampoo, and this is a 30ml sample which origninally I thought was only half full but it's actually right to the top and spills out when you open it so that's a good start. I'll certainly give it a go but I doubt I would buy the full size at £17.50. But this says it's a nourishing, moisture rich formula that is also supposed to help repair damage.

This one is very interesting and looks a bit strange but it's the Ilsci Organics Rose Petal Gel Mask. They say this plant based treatment uses natural active ingredients to soothe, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. This is only a 5ml sample but the full size is £39.95. That's expensive but I'll certainly give this a go and I've paid more for a product so I don't know why I'm so surprised by the price tag. 

I've seen these around with the velvet lids but didn't (and still don't) understand why. But this is the Models Own Nail Polish in Obsidian which comes in at £5. This is a full size nail polish and they describe this is a matte, yet sparkly, multi-dimensional shade with a velvety finish, (now I understand why it has a velvet lid). If you want to keep it matte, don't add a top coat, otherwise if you're not keen on the whole matte finish, simply add a regular top coat over top of it - which is what I did and I prefer with Seche Vite Top Coat rather than the matte finish as you just don't get the same sparkle and glisten like you do with the top coat on. But it will look amazing for New Year's Eve or something. 

This next one is a very well known product and it's the Benefit Christmas Cracker which has High Beam inside. I love how they packaged this in the little cracker, it's so cute and diddy. I have a another highlighter from Benefit and I love that so I'm looking forward to trying this. You don't just have to use it as a regular highlighter. You can add it into your foundation to give an all over glow so I think that's something I'll be trying first. This is only a sample size but the full size is £19.50. 

Another item that I like the look of is the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick which costs £8 and this is a full sie product. I have the shade Smoke which is a really nice, grey shade which I already have a look planned with it. It's pretty pigmented and creamy so will be good to use as a base and also maybe a liner type thing. 

Last but not least is the Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm, which is only a sample size but the full size is £25.00. It says to apply with wet fingertips and massage upwards on your face for about 2 minutes, rinse and pat dry. I'll give it a go and will let you know. (Hey that rhymed).

I'm really impressed with this box again and although I'm not excited about all of the products. The others make up for it. If you want to see which beauty subscription box I've loved over the whole year, check back on then 28th December and I shall show you exactly that.

Have you tried any of these products before? 

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