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The bold lip to rule them all


I haven't done a review on just one particular lipstick before (I don't think) but I recently tried the Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Proof Lip Colour in Play With Fire and just knew I had to blog about it immediately.

The main reason I picked up the Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Proof Lip Colour in Play With Fire is because I'm looking for my perfect red lip product to match my skin tone, lifestyle etc. (and Lily Pebbles said she liked and recommended these). 
When a brand claims their products last 16 hours, it's bound to catch people's attention. That's one of the main reasons it caught mine too. Although 16 hours is a long time, (who even wears their makeup for 16 hours?) I thought I would put this to the test and see just how long lasting it really is.

The Application:
Before you even think of putting any bold lip product on, you need to exfoliate your lips and make them nice and smooth. Then put on a lip balm to sink in whilst you're doing the rest of your makeup.
There's two steps to this product. Step one is the intense lip colour, and step two is the balm/magical lasting power. Both have a doe foot applicator which makes it super easy to get a precise application as it's such a bold colour. Once you have applied the lip colour onto your lips, they recommend to keep lips apart for 60 seconds whilst it dries. Then put on the balm to lock in the colour and make it kiss proof. 

The Test: 
Drinking: Whether you drink through a straw or glass, this stuff leaves no product what so ever.
Eating: I ate spaghetti bolognese and it just stays where it is, doesn't even wear off.
Cleaning my teeth: No matter how hard I try, I always end up forgetting to clean my teeth before I put my lip product on, but this did not budge.
Talking: I have a job where I have to talk a lot, which often causes my lipstick to disappear. Not with this one. It stayed where it was and didn't even fade.
Kiss on the cheek: It's supposed to be kissable right? So I kissed my friend on the cheek (just for the purpose of this review) and there was nothing on her cheek. Nothing. 
Showering: I genuinely thought I'd have to sleep with this on as I just could not get it off. Having a shower or scrubbing at it doesn't do anything except make your lips sore.
16 hour wear?: I haven't had the need to wear it for that long, but anything up to 10 hours I can confirm it does last very well.
Formula: It's not exactly a moisturising lip product but the balm does help when you put it on, but you just have to make sure you've exfoliated your lips really well before applying it otherwise it looks a bit messy. It doesn't feel dry as such but it doesn't really feel moisturising either.
Removal: So many people who have also tried this said they had to scrub at their lips for ages and it still didn't come off. I tried the Garnier Micellar Water as that can get waterproof makeup off, but it didn't do anything. But the best thing I've found that works is an oil. L'Oreal Cleansing Oil or Coconut Oil gets rid of it in no time at all. No scrubbing needed.

(This is after having it on my skin for about 30 seconds whilst I took the photo. This is after only using a Micellar water though). 

The Result: 
This is the red lip product to beat all red lip products. This stuff is hard core. It's a stunning shade and I like the two step process to it to make sure it stays. A lip product that stays on no matter what is what everyone wants, surely? No touching up your lipstick through the day. No need to keep checking in the mirror to make sure it's not on your teeth or smeared across your face. None of that is required. Put it on in the morning and you don't need to worry about it until you want to take it off. That's a great lip product in my opinion. 
These would be amazing for a Christmas party or New Years celebration where you need your lip colour to last all night, through drinking, kissing, eating and whatever else. 
The Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour 100% passes the test. 
Overall, it's a great lip product and does exactly what it says it will. It's intense, long wearing, velvet/matte formula and it doesn't smudge or transfer. What's even better is that it's available at the drugstore for £6.99. Bargain!

Will you be trying out any of these long lasting lip colours? 

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