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An Introduction to: Maybelline


I've recently picked up some things from Maybelline which I have been really enjoying and I wanted to show you, along with some of the other products from the brand that I highly recommend as they're a great brand at the drugstore.


(Permanent Shades: L-R Pink Gold, Eternal Gold, Everlasting Navy, Pomegranate Punk)

(Only available in America (I think): L-R Pure Nude, Nude Compliment)

(Limited Edition Leather Effect: L-R Vintage Plum, Chocolate Suede, Creamy Beige)

Starting with the eyes. Obviously, their Color Tattoos are just incredible and I think these are possibly my favourite product from the brand. They're creamy, pigmented, they're long lasting and they're versatile, as they can be used as an eyeshadow base, an eyeshadow and eyeliner too. I don't use some of these colours enough but I'm going to be trying to wear them more during the Atumn and winter as many of the colours are very appropriate for the colder seasons. The navy is such a stunning colour for eyeliner with a twist and the chocolate brown shade is my most recent purchase with I LAN on using as a gel liner kind of product and maybe smudge it out a bit too. My only gripe is that there's not enough colours available. But the price for all of these products is really good too. A separate review and swatches of all the Color tattoos that I have will be up very shortly on my blog. I don't believe I have done it before and I want to show you all the shades swatched and maybe even some looks for you so keep an eye out for that. 

I don't use any of their eyeshadows really but I do like their eyeliners. Starting with liquid liner, the Master Precise Liquid Liner is my favourite ever. It's so easy to get a really great wing with this, it has a slightly longer nib than the others so it fits perfectly along the lashes and you can just move your head slightly and the hard work is done for you. Really great product. 
I've recently picked up the Master Drama Kohl Eyeliner in the shade brown (although I want the black one and any other shades they do too) and these are incredible too. It's a rich, dark brown shade and it stays on the waterline all day. They're so creamy they're great to smudge and smoke out along the lashline and they're really long lasting for a kohl liner. 
The Master Drama Gel Eyeliner is also another of my favourites as it's so black, easy to use, long lasting, and it doesn't smudge on my eyelind, it doesn't wear or flake off through the day and it stays where you put it. Although it's long lasting, it's easy to take off with makeup remover, Micellar water or an oil cleanser and it's perfectly safe to use on the waterline too which I do everyday.

Now onto the mascaras and again, some favourites here. Starting off with the One by One Mascara. This is great for separating the lashes, really getting into the base and if you wiggle the brush, it gets some brilliant length and volume. I'm a fan of the bigger, fatter brushes and this one is great as the shape of the brush really helps to fan the lashes out too. You can also do this with the The Rocket Mascara. I prefer waterproof mascaras and this one does an amazing job at holding my curl all day. All day. Crazy. This mascara can be built up to get some real volume going and is super easy to remove as well with a cleansing oil. The other favourite mascara from Maybelline is the fairly new Go Extreme. This has the perfect brush to really fan out the lashes and get some volume in there as well. I really like all these mascaras as they all get some great volume but they also don't smudge or flake off during the day and they are affordable. 
A mascara in not so keen on is the Big Eyes. It has two steps, one for the too lashes and one for the bottom. I only use the bottom mascara as it's a really thin brush which is perfect for the bottom lashes, but the other side just doesn't do anything for my top lashes. I think this is a really poor attempt and their take on the Maxfactor double ended which I really like and Maybelline just didn't quite get there. But I do buy it just for the bottom lash step. 


Now onto the brows and the Master Satin Brow Pencil is a fairly new purchase and I am already loving it. I haven't seen anything like this before though as it has a really thin pencil on one end which is great for precise, brow hairs. But on the other end, there's a smudger type brush which is normally used for eyeshadow, but it there's actually a powder in the lid (which you can kind of see as the writing has come off the entire packaging) and you can use this either with the pencil or just use the powder on it's own and it's really good as it's still quite precise as it has a point on the end. But I've never seen something like that before and I think that is such a great idea, especially for travel or to throw in your bag. Good thinking Maybelline
Next is another favourite from the brand and that is the Brow Drama. Although the brush is a strange shape and I'm not 100% convinced on it! the product itself is amazing. It's a tinted brow gel which you apply onto your brows either by it's self or after you've used pencil or powder, and it sets them in place all day. I find the best way to apply this is the run the brush against the natural hair direction, this coats the brow hairs first, and then brush them back down normally and this lays them all flat, and sets them all perfectly. Super quick and easy. 


Color Drama Velvet lip Crayon in Keep it Classy

I recently purchased this lip crayon and I've worn it 75% of the time. It's said to be a drugstore alternative to the NARS Lip Crayons which I haven't actually tried yet. But I think this is a really great product. The shade is a perfect, darker nude and it's so creamy and goes on really smooth. The applicator is great as it comes to a point and it makes getting round the lip liner super easy too.

Color Sensational Elixirs 

These are probably my favourite glosses ever. They're so pigmented, they're creamy, last ages, they're so easy to apply and just look at those shades, they're stunning. As you can tell, I really like these. I think they are so great and for the price it is such a huge steal. They're reminiscent of a hugher end product and I just the these are great. I hope they keep bringing out other shades of these, I would quite easily get the enitre collection I think they're that great. 

Color Sensational Vivids lipsticks

These aren't my favourite lipsticks in the world, but I think the pigmentation and shade and formula variety of these is just huge. They have some new matte formulas that have just been realised in America so I'm really hoping they arrive here soon as they looked really nice. But these are very creamy and pigmented, the Vivids really do show up like that on the lips and they're very long lasting and with the different formulas and shades they have come out with, there's literally something for everyone.

Colour Sensational Hi Shine Glosses 

Not something I wear as often as the other products but I still think these are really nice glosses, they're pigmented for a lip gloss and they apply very smooth and aren't sticky at all. They're, as the name would suggest, very glossy and there's quite a good variety of shades too from nudes to reds. 


Color Show

The Color Show nail polishes are such great options from the drugstore. They're so affordable and are better than some higher end polishes of tried, the brush size is quite wide so it gets the entire nail in one swipe. They're opaque in two coats and the shades are so stunning and they last a decent amount of time on the nails before chipping. 

Super Stay

These are supposed to be super long lasting formulas, and although I don't think they're that long lasting, they're still very nice nail polishes to wear. The colour range isn't as wide as the Color Show line but they had some really pretty and vibrant spring and summer colours that I wanted the entire collection. Again, opaque in two coats and have the same wide brush to coat the nail in one swipe which just makes it so quick and easy to apply. 

I'll be honest, I don't get on with many of their base products. Their foundations just don't do it for me, and their concealers don't either unfortunately. This really sucks as I hear lots of good things about them but they're either too dark for my skin or don't do anything in terms of coverage (Fit Me Foundation). There is one product however that I do really like which is the Instant Age Rewind Concealer Brightening however I don't actually have one at the minute to show you. Whats not so great about this product is that the brightening shade isn't available in the UK so it's pretty difficult to get your hands on but it's worth it as it really is a good concealer to brighten those under eyes and cover dark circles. 
I'm not a massive fan of their cheek products either to be honest. Their bronzers are normally too orangey on my skin and they just don't work for my complexion but if you have a darker skin tone to me then by all means go check them out as I have heard some awesome things about a variety of their complexion products.

There we go, there's all the Maybelline products that I own and love and highly recommend you trying them out. They're affordable and easily accessible in drugstores and supermarkets so go to your nearest one and see what catches your eye from the Maybelline stand. Don't forget to look out for the Colour Tattoo review and swatches post coming up soon. 

Do you have any Maybelline favourites to recommend?

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