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2. Takeover Week: Tamara aka Beauty Blah Blah Blah


House of Holland & Elegant Touch Nails - £9 £3

I rarely wear false nails but when I saw these House of Holland and Elegant Touch acrylics for just £3, I thought why not? A single pack of House of Holland nails will usually set you back between £9 and £12 so this was a real bargain. Out of the design choices available, this was the one that appealed to me the most and I thought it was more A/W appropriate. Up until now, I hadn't dared to wear black on my nails, just because it's not the most flattering colour for the hands and I feel like I'm dressed for Halloween. However, these nails have a matte finish which I've actually taken a liking to as they appear much more chic and suitable for everyday wear. There are a variety of sizes to choose from and some of the acrylics have small multi-coloured beads so you can experiment with different looks. To apply, I simply placed a generous amount of nail glue onto each of my natural nails and then pressed down the falsies on top until they set. 

First of all these nails are ridiculously long, I honestly don't know how girls like Kylie Jenner go about their day with gorgeous talons like these. Opening packets and doing up buttons became a real challenge, admittedly I did have to trim these down to a more manageable length and so they looked less ridiculous. Unfortunately by day two of wear, a couple of the nails had come off which, although I'm not surprised, I did expect these to be more durable compared to an average set of acrylics. 

Overall, I'd say these nails are great for those of you who love nail art but I would say they're probably most ideal for one off wear, unless you are prepared to reapply regularly. 

Tamara x


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  1. These look so cool! Totally impractical but we still love them!


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