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1. Takeover week: Laura aka Pretty Little Makeup


So it's time to do one of the most popular blog posts ever invented, The Favourites. I haven't got a lot of things, only because I cannot afford it at the moment. But all these products are either free or on offer. (This is including a very special guest, my puppy Casey. She didn't want to move when I was taking these photos, the little poser.)

I started noticing that my hair is really flat because it's gradually getting really thick which is unbareable & I've tried literally everything. I got this over 5 months ago & never used it before and when I tried it the other week, I noticed a lot of volume in my hair. I just apply a even amount onto my roots and work that in untill the mousse has evaporated, then either blow dry my hair if I'm in a rush but if I have a spare day, I leave my hair to dry itself. The downside of leaving your hair to dry my itself, your hair gets a little hard when you've applied it to your roots, but you can easily remove it by brushing your hair. I brought this for £2.50 & I'm glad I did. 

As you can tell from mine, it's a little sample. I got given this a couple of years ago when I was working in a salon. I did check it before using it again to see if it's still okay to use. It's all good. Ever since I tried to ombre my hair, it does feel a really dry so I started using different hair masks & used this. This has worked really well for me, I only use a pea size amount onto to wet hair and this product does go a long way. Ever since using it, my hair feels really soft & smells lovely! Once I've used this sample, I am going to purchase a big bottle of it.

This was a bargain for me £1 from wilkos. Like I say, when you see a bargain, you HAVE to get it. I did started really bad bags, dark circles & wrinkles. this is a good product, over using this for over a month, using it ever day, the wrinkles have started disappearing & so is the dark circles. But I wouldn't pay full price the product. I'm sure I could find a alternative to this.

I brought this a couple of week ago & I am really impressed. The shade I purchased is 01 Stay Beige, which is slightly too orange for me, but when I apply this underneath my foundation then I don't have any problem. It has a light coverage concealer & blends out really well. This is a second product that I've had from the Essence range & I am quite pleased with them & they are really inexpensive aswell so that's a plus too.

I like to thank Sophie for having the opportunity to appear on your blog. Really enjoyed it!


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