Monday Mani # 16 - Bold Polish Tips


With all the dark polishes making their way back onto the scene, I thought I should do this post and go through some of my tips and tricks to painting your nails with dark, bold shades.

Obviously, you paint your nails however you are comfortable with, how you like to do it normally. But I have a few things to share with you to make your nails look perfect every time.


I have to do this every time I paint my nails, no matter what colour it is. But I always make sure my nails are shaped how I like, not too long, and that I have buffed and smoothed out any ridges, sharp corners and that my cuticles are moisturised. Dark colours show up imperfections like ridges on the nails so just smooth them out, it takes no time at all. With darker colours, it's always a good idea to use a base coat too. This will protect your natural nails and help to prevent any staining.
Now we're ready to paint. 

Clean Up:

Once you've painted your nails, unless you are 100% perfect at nail painting, which is awesome if you are and I'm jealous. You will probably have a little bit of cleaning up to do, whether that's on your cuticles, sides of your nails, or on your elbow - don't ask me how I manage to get nail polish there but it happens almost every time, I can't be the only one though right?
1. Using a thin brush, or q-tips, soak in nail polish remover and clean up the edges. A brush is going to be more precise and easier to control, I find with q-tips I can sometimes rub off some of the polish on my nails (again, could just be me on that one too) so I prefer to use a brush. But always wait until you are done with your nails and they are completely dry.
2. If you've smudged your nail polish, all is not lost. Dab the smudge with your finger to flatten it down, then you can either apply another coat of your colour over the top, or simply apply your top coat and this will just smooth it out like nothing ever happened. Plus, it means you don't have to remove it from that nail completely and re-do it.
3. Speaking of which, we've all had it where we've royally fudged up on one of our nails and we just cannot save it, the only answer is to remove it completely. What I recommend at this stage, is using a lint free pad to remove it, rather than a normal cotton round. Don't you just hate it when using a cotton round, and you go to paint the nail again and there's fluff and fuzzy bits stuck to your nail and when you think you have it all off and then go on with the second coat, oh, there's another bit. It's a pain in the ass. Lint free pads are definitely the way to go.

Finishing up:

So, when you have your polish on, and it's time for the top coat, try and use a fast drying top coat like Seche Vite, or I know O.P.I. have one, and so does Sally Hansen. Top coat is a miracle worker. It just makes the whole thing faster so there's less chance you can mess it up when you're so close to the home stretch. Anyone else have the problem where you've painted your nails, they look perfect, waiting for them to dry completely and you remember you need to do something, so you do it and you ruin one or all of our nails. I HATE THAT!! Just wait until they're dry, it's just not worth it. 

Don't you just hate it when you have a beautiful dark burgundy nail polish that when removed, leaves behind nasty looking stains on your nails? I do. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks because there will be a post giving you 3 ways to remove those stains from your nails.

Hope you found this helpful. 

Do you get nail polish in the weirdest places when doing your nails? 

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