A Weekend Post: The Weekly Round Up #46


Not too many new products to report on this week really. I've been pretty consistent with using the products from last weeks weekly round up. But here's a few extras that have made it on to my list this week. 

Thanks to the colder weather recently, I've had to dig out the Blistex Medi+ lip balm to help my lips heal from the colder weather. What's it going to be like when winter gets here. Aghh. But anyway, this is a great lip balm to treat any issues you have on your lips. It also makes my dog screw her face up and bare her teeth whenever I've put it on and she tries to kiss me. She doesn't learn, but she definitely doesn't like the taste or smell or anything about it. 

As you may or may not know, my sleeping pattern is non existent.mi don't get a lot of sleep. Normally a couple hours at most each night. So anything that promises to help relax you and send you to the land of nod is worth a try in my book. I've recently found my This works Stress Less Mini Rollerball which smells beautiful and has a very calming scent to it. I apply this on my neck, wrists and chest every night and try and relax as much as possible. Not always the case when you've got a really painful hip, but whatever. I like this product and  I think I may get the full size of this one and the pillow spray as I really like that too. 

My DIY eye lash and brow growth serum is still going strong and I finally received the empty mascara tubes that I ordered weeks ago, so I've mixed up another batch and it's much easier to use this instead of out of a pot. My lashes look awesome when I have my mascara on, better than what they used to anyway (using the same mascaras) so there's definitely some progress, how much, I'm unsure, but it's better than nothing. 

Last week I mentioned how I've been using more bronzer recently, and I have had a sample of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for ages now and I was very put off as it looks so orange in the pan, but with a light hand, it looks quite nice. It's matte so would be okay for others to use for contouring, but not for me and my pale skin. But it's nice and blends really easily.

My other favourite is my dog, she's been poorly this week so she's super cuddly and likes lots of fuss...

That's it for this week folks. Not many favourites but as I said, I've been loving the products that I mentioned in last weeks round up so go check that out if you haven't seen it already so you know what I've been using everyday for the last few weeks. It's October favourites time on Friday so make sure you check it out as there'll be some fashion bits included in there too. 

Have you got any relaxing recommendations? Products or exercises?

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