A Weekend Post: The Weekly Round Up #41


This week has been a pretty chilled and easy week as I've been off work, so although I haven't been doing my normal makeup routine everyday, it's given me a chance to have a bit of a play with a few of my new makeup and skincare products, so I've got quite a few products this week. Plus, find out at the end to see something really exciting that happened this week. 

Starting off with base, and I've been using the Beauty Blender a lot this week to apply my foundation and concealer and I forgot how amazing this makes my makeup look. I've been using either the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk or the NARS Sheer Glow, or even a mixture of both, and the finish it gives is beautiful, the coverage is still really good and covers everything a brush would. Using this application method also helps to keep your skin hydrated whilst applying your makeup, which I've actually really noticed a difference in how easy it is to apply and blend out. This was in some peoples Birchbox this month too so if you haven't already subscribed to that, you can get a Beauty Blender in Septembers box. 

These were in last weeks favourites but I just have to mention them again as they're just that amazing. The Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer and the Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Palette are such incredible products I cannot believe how amazing they are. I've been creating some amazing looks with the palette this week including a natural, everyday look and a smokey eye which I am loving and is probably the look I have worn since I got it...

With the above look I am also wearing the Maybelline Color Elixir in Captivating Carnation which has been the only lip product I have worn this week. I love the shade of this, it's the perfect shade for an everyday look and whether it's a smokey eye or a more natural look, it's perfect with both. 

You'll recognise this next product from yesterday's September Birchbox post. The Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream is the one product I have tried from the box (which I actually got Monday) and I love it. I have just done a post on the Kiehls Power Duo which includes their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, but this has been a nice change. First off, look how teeny tiny it is, it's so cute. Second off, it's so nourishing and although it's been 5 days, it's made under eye concealer look really good. Uh oh, I feel a eye cream face off coming soon?

The manicure I have had on this week is Revlon "flirt" nail polish with a silver glitter accent - it's pretty self explanatory but I just love how cute it looks. I saw Kathleen from KathleenLights ?? wearing something very similar and I just loved how it looked. 

My eyes have been looking and feeling extra puffy and dry this week so I dug these bad boys out to see if they can tackle my under eye area, and they did a pretty darn good job. I definitely need to pick up some more of these as they're very relaxing and soothing. 

The Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud was in a weekly round up at the beginning of July but I wanted to include it in this weeks faves as I have been choosing this over all my other blushes. Its a basic peachy pink blush, but it gives the most wonderful, healthy and natural flush. It's so affordable and is available in Boots but I just think this is a good, basic, all rounder kind of blusher. 

Finally, something I have recently started using and have been loving is Organic Coconut oil. This stuff is incredible. So many different uses, beauty and cooking, but is just an incredible multipurpose product. I love it. 

This week also marked It's a beauty things 1st birthday. That's right, I've been blogging or a full year now which I am so excited about. I still love each and every second of it and have so much fun. Thank you for all your support and amazing-ness.

Tomorrow's post is about all things self tanning so check back and see which ones I have been trying and loving. 

Do you have the Lorac Pro Palette? What looks do you like to wear a lot?

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