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My blog started out a year ago today, under the name All Things Beauty using Blogger. But the time came for a change, and my very own website, which is when It's A Beauty Thing was born. My best friend helped me with the name and I love it. Although I'm not exactly where I want to be with the branding and my website, I am still loving every minute of it, and very much looking forward to the next year of IABT.

My most read post happens to be my very first welcome/introduction post. It's seems like such a long time ago, and so much has changed. Including today's post I have uploaded 292 beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog posts and I have so many more up my sleeve, so keep an eye out for those.

Top 5 most popular posts: 
I'm going to quickly run through these posts in order, these were the top 5 that had the most views. I did a tally a few weeks ago of how many views were on these and when I checked yesterday, it had still increased by a lot so I am super happy that even now, people still read these posts and still enjoy them.

5. Published on 12.10.13 the first ever Date Night

A glimpse of one of the many layouts I had for my website on blogger. I don't like this now I look at it and the photos aren't brilliant but now I have my editing down and I know what I'm doing a bit more now, hopefully I won't be looking back in another year and not liking what I've been doing now. At least it shows how my website has come on and reminds me what does and doesn't work. But these date night posts were a regular occurrence and unfortunately it's been a very long time since my best friend Dani and I have had a date night and that's definitely something I want to start doing again. 

4. Published on 02.05.14 the Face Mask Face Off 

Who doesn't love chucking a face mask on and having a nice soak in the bath, or watching a movie with a friend with obscene amounts of food surrounding you? I still use most of these depending on what my skin is doing, and I still recommend each and every one. 

3. Published on 09.03.14 my Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

Not everyone has a very large budget so it's always good to see some drugstore recommendations to get you started in the makeup wearing world. Plus, I loved trying out the products because they are so affordable, and some I even choose over my more expensive makeup.

2. Published on 30.01.14 was my January Faves

It surprised me that a monthly favourites post was so popular but there are some great products in there and I still love each and every one of them and highly recommend them. 

1. Published on 09.05.14 was Drugstore Dupes

Having the most views across all of the posts is the drugstore makeup dupes that was part of Drugstore Week ?? Again, some amazing products which I still use regularly and I still recommend them, especially because they are a more affordable option to these higher end products...

...See, you don't need bucket loads of money to buy good quality products.

In addition to these posts, we've also seen Birchbox and Glossybox posts, IABT were nominated for the Liebster Award. There's been disappointing products, and rave reviews of some of my must have, can't live without products. I did a guest post over at lvbhstyle.com . Nail how to's, skincare routines and recommendations, haul posts, weekly and monthly favourites, seasonal edits, how to's, face offs, DIY's, themed weeks, makeup looks, celeb inspired looks, top tips, top 10 under £10's... and the list goes on and on. 

I have had amazing feedback and outcomes from every single post I have uploaded, these are just the ones with the highest view count. 
Over the last year, I have had incredible support of friends and family and I have loved every second. The days spent in pj's, camera in one hand and ipad in the other were too often to count but it was still incredibly fun and I have learnt so much about everything I have ever mentioned on here and even things about my self and others, that I just never knew.

I hope you have enjoyed It's a Beauty Thing as much as I have. Your support and encouragement means a heck of a lot and I thank you all so much.

What's your favourite post from the last year?

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