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If you missed yesterday's post, it was all about self tanning the body. Today is all about face tanning. 

Face sunless tanner isn't as much of a chore. It's super easy, just throw it on in the morning and apply your makeup as normal and you're good to go. In the summer, you don't always want to wear foundation, so self tanner is a good stand in product. It gives you a bronze tint and also a beautiful bronzey glow. Perfect for the summer. 

Starting off with the most expensive of the bunch is the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning which is £16.70. This is the first face tanner I purchased as there was such amazing reviews on it. This is an amazing product for smoothing out the skin whilst giving a subtle but beautiful glow. The shade it gives is probably my favourite from these 3 offerings. I'm not a fan of the packaging though, although it looks nice, it's not very practical, it's a glass jar, it's not very hygienic either sticking your finger in a pot. But other than that I really like it.
Next in price is the St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Face priced at £14.50, this can be used on an everyday basis (as the name suggests), or for those days that you feel you need a pick me up. It's not super noticeable at first and if blended in properly, it still looks very natural. But it does develop throughout the day and doesn't have an unpleasant, fake tan smell.
Finally is the Soap & Glory Glow Jon Moisture Flash. This gives a nice, bronzey glow to the skin in a matter of seconds. You can wear this on it's own, under makeup, I guess over makeup too. It's moisturising and suitable for all skin types. This one comes in at £11.00 which is a complete bargain. 

At the end of each day, when you've removed your makeup, cleansed your skin and maybe exfoliated or put on a face mask, the self tanners will come off so you can just re apply again the next day and you're good to go. Easy as that. 

What's your favourite self tanner for your face??

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