A Weekend Post: The Weekly Round Up #36


This week has been a bit of a weird one. I can't put my finger on the answer to why, but it's just seemed a bit manic. But any who. Today is of course my weekly round up where I tell you the things I have been loving over the last 7 days. 

First up is two eyeshadow palettes that I have used everyday since I got them. It's the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and the Too Faced Summer Eyes Palette. UD has the perfect crease shades and a black for eyeliner. There's also some fabulous highlighting shades including the only shimmery shadow in the palette. I love this thing. I use it everyday no matter what look I am doing and it's just so handy and would be fantastic for a weekend away or two weeks in the beautiful Greek sun sipping piƱa coladas. Anyway, this is a fantastic palette and of course it's Urban Decay so the quality is top notch as always. The TF one has some stunning shades and although I'm not brave enough yet to try the bright blue, the other shades are really pretty. Too Faced shadows are beautiful so I'm really pleased I got this one as well as the Natural Eyes Palette

Last week I mentioned my growing love for the Sigma Round Top Kabuki and just so we 're clear I still love that brush. But the Real Techniques Brushes, the eye essentials kit as well as the core collection have been my go to's and I realised I haven't really mention them since I got them. But the eye brushes I recently bought and I love them. 

I have worn this necklace a lot recently. I picked it up from Outfit in a local shopping centre and I have just loved it ever since. Whether it's for a very simple plain outfit or to add some colour. I just love this thing and I think it goes with so many different colour combos I am totally in love with this. 

Every week I find a new TV series that I become hooked on and cannot stop watching no matter what the odds. This weeks, obsession, is a TV series called Perception. Anyone remember Will & Grace? Well Will aka Eric McCormack, is the star of the show who plays a paranoid schizophrenic neuro scientist college professor who also consults with the FBI. Incredible right? Right! It's similar to the TV series Numbers (hence why I'm watching it) but it is the psychological side rather than the mathematical. This has amazed me so much by the things I have learnt and plus, it's on LoveFilm, oops no sorry my bad, it's Amazon Prime Instant now I think, so it's easy accessible and plus there's loads of other series I highly recommend that can be found on there or Netflix.

What's your favourites from the week?

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