A Weekend Post: The Weekly Round Up #35


Posts have been a little thin on the ground again this week and I apologise about that. I've been very busy. But I need to learn to manage my time better and get back into scheduling posts. Today is weekly faves time. 

This week I'm going to start with a skincare fave and this has been in my skincare routine on and off for a little while but the Clearasil Oil Free Moisturiser does some amazing things to my skin and I have recently been using it on a daily basis morning and night and it has really helped clear out a breakout I had. I am putting it down to this particular product because this is the only thing that has changed in my routine and because it has never failed me before. I just wish I didn't go through this whole realisation stage of how amazing it is and how I shouldn't have stopped using it. I never learn. 

In last weeks round up, you saw the introduction of the new foundation that I am testing out. The Bobbi Brown Long Lasting Even Finish Foundation, and I am still testing it out but this week I have been trying it out with the Sigma Round Top Kabuki which I love anyway but with any foundation this just works and I'm glad to have a brand spanking new one.

This week, I have been wearing black eyeliner on my bottom waterline with I have been loving and the liner I use is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Black Eyeliner. It smudges a little bit but all eyeliners seem to on me, but it still lasts a good few hours before it does. I just have to make sure that I keep checking to make sure it's not half way down my cheek by the end of the day. 

This hair product has appeared in a favourites post before I believe but I've the last few weeks I have used it every day and I just had to mention it. The V05 Texturising Spray has been repurchased numerous times, for the pure fact it gives texture, obvs, and volume too so for curly or straight hair, it works for either. 

I found out some pretty shitty news this week. As well as suffering from Fibromyalgia for the last 19 years, I have also had a very painful hip which has caused me a lot of issues. I actually found out that at the age of 22 I have severe arthritis and will have to have a hip replacement in the near future and will then need them for the rest of my life. Pretty sucky really, but I can't deal with the constant pain anymore. But the point of telling you this is that my lovely parents bought me these beautiful roses to cheer me up, as I'm sure you can imagine I haven't exactly been on cloud 9 since I found out. My pooch Darcy has also been giving me lots of cuddles - I'm sure she knows when I'm sad and upset. 

As for TV, Haven has still been the one I am hooked on and I'm almost at the end of season 4 and season 5 isn't out till the end of the year I think, which means I need some more recommendations people. 

What are your favourites from the week?

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  1. I love the VO5 Texturising Spray - I've run out of mine but will definitely be going to get some more. The Clearasil moisturiser is something I might look into, I'm always up for clear skin!

    I've also nominated you for The Liebster award! My post will be going live tomorrow at 9AM GMT so check it out on my blog:
    imogenmills.blogspot.co.uk :)

    Imogen xx


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