A Weekend Post: The Weekly Round up #34


I've been a tad MIA this week so I apologise about that. I've been very busy and haven't really had chance to sit down and do a lot of blogging but hopefully that will change now. Today's post is my weekly round up #34. I don't like to just pick anything when it comes to these posts and as you have seen in previous weeks there has been a mixture of products every week, including how many. So this week I haven't got too many but I wanted to share with you my stand out products. 

1. The Nuxe Rev De Miel Lip Balm is a cult classic in the beauty world, and it's no secret that I am well and truly on the band wagon for this. It's incredible, and this week has really proved that. So before you fall over laughing, let's just set the scene. There are am, curling my hair before work, and what does my clever self do? My hand-eye(/mirror) coordination fails me completely and I end up burning myself. My lip actually. To say this was the worst place to burn myself is an understatement and I've been laughed at ever since. But this stuff has been the only thing that has helped heal this a tad quicker. Like any burn it hurts like hell, stings, blisters and eventually it starts to heal. I can't say it's something I want to go through again. Note to self: don't trust my hand-eye coordination again. EVER! Please leave all mocking and laughter until the end please.

2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Foundation this is a new purchase and I have been testing it out a few times this week and I have to say I am impressed so far. I still have other ways I want to try applying it first but so far so good. One thing I will say is that on initial application, I didn't seem to cover anything, heck, it didn't even show up on my skin. But built up a bit it works. Review will be following shortly. 

3. The ELF Stippling brush has been one I have kept specifically for a peachy/salmon concealer around my eyes but with two in my brush holder, I thought I would branch out a bit. I don't like using my fingers to apply cream blusher. I just think brushes apply it much more evenly and precisely and it looks more natural. This week I have been using this brush with the Bourjois Cream Blush in 03 and I love this pairing. It does all of the above and more. I'm impressed by the little things in life. 

4. I don't like to just pick out products just to make a post so I'm going to finish this with my final fave for the week. The Ed Sheeran X album has been the only things have listened to over the last two weeks and I thought it was definitely worth a mention. 

I can't believe it's August already. Which means summer will be coming to an end soon. Not that it's been consistently hot in the UK but at least we got some sun. I hope you all have an awesome month. 

Happy Sunday!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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