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Monday Mani #7


As promised, this weeks Monday mani is something so simple and easy, you'll be as obsessed with it as I am.

What you will need:

- 3 nail polishes - these can be of the same colour family, or different shades completely but that compliment each other. They can be like a radiant effect or complete opposite colours. Whatever trio you like the look of.

- Fast Dry Top coat like Seche Vite.

1. Apply your base coat to protect your nails.

2. Apply two coats of your base colour all over your nail...

3. Once base colour has dried, with your second colour, do three vertical lines going from the tip of your nail, the longest one should be two thirds down your nail, middle one half, and the shortest one should be about one third. Apply a second layer to this polish if it's not opaque enough. This should look something like this... 

4. Once your second colour has dried, go in with your third and final colour. Using the same method as before, paint three vertical lines, starting from the tip of your finger going down. These should be a few millimetres from the edge of the others, leaving space so your second polish still shows through. It's easier to just show you... 

5. Once the last layer has dried, apply your favourite top coat to seal it all in and make your nails super shiny...

Different colour combos:

1. Barry M Shocking Pink, Blueberry & Guava
2. Barry M Shocking Pink, Cyan Blue & Guava
3. Barry M Blueberry, Damson & Blue Grape
4. Barry M Guava, Cyan Blue & Turquoise
5. Barry M Pomegranate, Shocking Pink & Maybelline Color Show in Pink Boom
6. Maybelline Color Show in Pink Boom, Lavender Lies & Maybe Blue

Be careful with the colour combos and the order you put them in, as if your base coat is too dark then any other shade you put on top may not show true to colour.

I love this mani. It's so simple, can be done with sooooooooo many different colour combos and can be a completely different mani from last time. This can be done as an accent nail, or on all your nails, you can also change up the order of the colours if you are doing it on all your nails. 

I think this is the perfect way to add some colour and variation to those boring, one colour manis. Give this a go and please tag me in any recreations that you do. 

Will you be giving this easy colourful mani a go?

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