A Beauty Chat: Monday Mani - The Chevron Trend (1)


A quick browse on Pinterest for five minutes, there's always something chevron that I just have to pin. Chevron is a very popula trend, in fashion and in nails. So I thought I would show you some different chevron nail designs that are so simple and easy and require little skill or attention.

What you will need:

Base coat
Polishes of your choice
Chevron pattern to stick onto nail

There's different ways of creating a chevron design so I thought I would share with you two basic ways. 
1. There are manicure type strips which are a chevron pattern and these can be found on Amazon or eBay. (Shown above)
2. Alternatively, using some tape (coloured is easier to see) and some of the craft scissors with different patterned blades, cut strips to the thickness you want.- personally I find this way from tedious and sometimes tricky so I recommend step 1 if possible. 

What to do:
1. Start off with a base coat and two layers of your base polish - I prefer white but you can use whatever colour you want.
2. Once dried, apply chevron strips to create your design.
3. Apply a good layer of polish over the top of your entire nail, stickers including.
4. Removing whilst polish is still wet is the best way I have found to do it so far. 
5. Apply a top coat and that's your mani done.

I hope you liked this weeks Monday mani. It's beauty trends week this week on IABT so pop back tomorrow to see what other trends I'll be discussing. 

Do you have any tips for a chevron mani?

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  1. Love your style :) usually I use tape for creating a chevron design

    xx Jarin | Beauty Tips


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