A Beauty Chat: Monday Mani #8


Today's Monday mani is going to be on one particular nail polish. The Lush Lacquer "Clowning Around" Unique Nail Polish. I purchased this last year some time from eBay and haven't used it until now. 

What you will need:

This polish is a clear base with neon glitter running through it. This particular one is the one that really caught my eye however there are many others that I have found online, but have not been able to find many places to purchase them. Until I find that they had changed there name to "Polish Me Silly" which can be found on etsy.com and also on eBay and Amazon. They are hand made nail polishes which of course gives it a very personal touch as I assume not all would be 100% identical. 

This can be used on it's own, over white, or any colour nail polish to give your manicure a unique look.
Here's a few different colours for you to see them on...

These were very popular back in 2012 so I'm a little late to the party on these, but I am so impressed with them, the formula, how they're made, and how darn fabulous they look, that I just cannot stop staring at my nails. Here's some of the photos I found of the other formulas and colours available which were found whilst looking where to buy them. 

Have you tried any of polishes like this or know of any others which are easier to access?

** Disclaimer - The photos of other nail polishes and colour combinations are not my own and were found on Google or Etsy.com. Any photos I haven't taken myself are always clearly stated. 

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