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An Introduction to: Soap & Glory


I've found myself using more and more Soap & Glory products, from makeup to skincare - body and face so I thought I would give you a little intro into the products I have and why I love them all. If you're looking for a drugstore brand to try out with a big range of really good products then I highly recommend these.

First thing I need to say is that all the products have quite long, bizarre names and if said or spelt incorrectly it could be rather inappropriate/pure filth, so hopefully I spell everything right. The best thing about the products is that they are often on some sort of deal, be it 3 for 2 (practically all the time) or have some money off.


Starting off with skincare I'm going to kick it off with one of the first skincare products I brought from the brand and that's the The Fab Pore 2 in 1 Facial Mask & Peel. I don't use this a huge amount as I find it can be quite harsh on my skin which seems to be very sensitive to a few of the products from the brand but this is a reall good, detoxifying, deep pore cleansing mask which has some scrubby bits in there as well as some spot fighting, pore unclogging super ingredients. I want to point out that before I had tried any of the skincare or makeup items, I picked up the Scrub Your Nose In It Face Scrub which is different to the current formula. It was very similar to this Fab Pore mask but it was very harsh, it almost burnt my cheeks and was just so painful I threw it away. The Peaches & Clean product was also very harsh for my skin (and I don't have particularly sensitive skin) but those two products just didn't work for my skin. But bare in mind everyone's skin is different. 
Onto the other products that I totally love from the brand, and that's the The UltiMelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Scrubatomic Daily Face Polish, I have been using these for just over a month and I totally love them. I use the scrub pretty much every night and the cleanser every few nights and leave it on for 10 minutes. These have done amazing things for my skin and I highly recommend them. The Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF50 has really impressed me as I find it very lightweight, no sunscreen smell, sinks in so fast and is nice and compact for traveling or to throw in your beach bag or whatever. The most newest purchase is the Glow Job Sunkissed Tinted Morning Moisture Flash, go back and read it correctly. I can't use a lot of this as it doesn't match my skin tone but when I use a little bit and apply onto my face, it gives a really nice, glow which I am loving at the minute as I have been self tanning too. 


Onto the category I have the most of, makeup. Let's start from the face and work our way through the order I do my makeup. Stating off with skin and the only skin perfecting product I have is the Kick Ass Blur & Brighten Concealer, I only purchased this about a couple of weeks ago and I have been really liking it. It doesn't match my skin tone perfectly but it's good to add some brightness to certain areas and with the tan that I have, it is starting to match me better. It's in a stick form so it's easy to throw into your handbag for any touch ups and is so creamy and easy to blend that using your fingers is perfectly suitable. Onto the rest of the face and the One Heck Of A Blot Super-Translucent Mattifying Powder is one of my favourites to use, especially in the summer, it's so fine and weightless that it doesn't leave any cakey look on the skin, doesn't break up makeup through the day and it looks really natural.
This next one is a palette, which I got at Christmas and it's the Powder Trip Palette, which has the 
Solar Powder Multi Shade Bronzer, Love At First Blush Multi Shimmer Blushing PowderGlow All Out Luminizing Face Powder. These are all really nice products, and although shown in a palette, they can be purchased separately too but it works out much more expensive. The blush is, as called, a shimmer blush, so it gives a lot of sheen to the skin, but if used lightly it can look really pretty. As for the highlighter, it's a light peachy pink shade and is really nice mixed in with a blusher or on it's own. The bronzer has two shades, a darker one on one side and lighter on the other. Although the S&G on the powder has a sheen to it (which comes off when you use it) it does have a slight shimmer running through it but nothing that is majorly noticeable. Although the paletter itself is quite big, it has a huge mirror and is compact enough that it's easy to travel with than 3 individual compacts. The only thing is you have to take the whole thing when you may just only want one. But this I believe was priced at £10 when I got it and that's less than one powder on it's own. 

Onto brows now and these are both products I use everyday. The Arch De Triumph Brow Shaper & Highlighter in Taupe and the Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil in Brownie Points have really got me into doing my brows and actually spending time on them. The marker side of the Archery is very fine so gives a hair like effect when filling in sparse areas, making it look more natural. Both of these products I highly recommend. 

Eyes now and I have an eyeliner and a mascara. The SuperCat Liquid Eyeliner Pen is so amazing for eyeliner beginners as it just makes such a precise line, is comfortable to hold and has quite a long marker pen type tip which means you can rest the nib on your lashes and draw the line on. The Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen-Coat Mascara in Film Noir (told you they had long names) wasn't as amazing as I had heard and was expecting but for a day where I don't want to wear tonnes of waterproof mascara, this one is certainly the one I go to. I don't feel it gives much volume or length, but it just adds a slight amount of definition and helps to open the eyes up slightly.

We're nearly there people stay with me. Finally for makeup is lips and they have some amazing formulas and products for the lips. The Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist & Raplumzel (did you read it right first time?) are really nice, vanilla scented glossy balm type things. Although the colour range isn't huge, they're still really nice and wearable shades.
The Super-Colour Fabu Lipstick in The Missing Pink, Blush Pink (matte) & Pom Pom (matte)
are personally my favourites, especially the matte range. I just think they are such amazing formulas, like really nice on the lips and don't dry them out too much. I'm a sucker for the packaging of all S&G products and the initials on the actual lipstick bullet is so cute. 

Body Care:

Onto the last category now and that's body care. The category that made S&G famous in my eyes. Right, starting off in order of use again, we have the Foam Call Bath & Body Wash which is a creamy, amazing scented, moisturising body wash which suds up well and I just cannot stop smelling. This is the first EVER S&G product I tried and I love it as much now as what I did all those years ago. Plus, it's a 500ml bottle of amazing-ness, why wouldn't you want to try it? Next is the Flake Away Body Scrub, which is my favourite-est body scrub ever as it sticks to the skin, rather than just washing away as soon as you apply it. It gives a really nice, gentle but thorough exfoliation and once done, and the next product is applied, dayum your legs will look and feel amazing. I promise. Right, the body butters from the line. The first original Soap & Glory scent is the The Righteous Butter Body, which is in a huge tub and lasts for ages. This is a really thick butter consistency which is so moisturising and luxurious feeling that you may think you're in heaven. It has Shea butter and aloe vera in which is what makes it so moisturising. It smells amazing, it makes your skin feel amazing, its just amazing alright. Don't believe me? Go try it for your self. There's many different variations of all of these products and I wanted to try a different body lotion from the range to see if they were all very similar. The Daily Smooth Body Butter comes in a handy dandy tube which is much more convenient and travel friendly. But this has rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter in giving it a slightly different scent. But I don't think the formula is too different from the ones in the tubs. They both sink into the skin in the same time, they both feel the same so I think the only difference is the scent and the packaging. 

As you can tell, I really like most of the Soap & Glory products. I highly highly highly recommend every single one of these products (apart from the ones my skin reacted to) so you can see for yourself just how amazing the brand is. I believe they only sell it in Boots so get your butts down there with your advantage cards and your strong muscles to carry back all the delicious smelling goodies. 

** Warning - Beware - Caution **
The 3 for 2 sale WILL reel you in, so I want to make this very clear. I am not to be blamed for the purchasing of many of the amazing products in this brand, nor the amount of money you spend.

** Disclaimer - I am not being paid for writing this post, I am not sponsored, and I have purchased these products with my own money and have not been given any from the brand to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Everyone's skin is different so any issues I had with products may be completely different with someone else's skin. The products I use, I highly recommend, as I trust and believe the brand and the products are perfectly fine for my skin concerns and do not irritate me or cause any issues (other than anything mentioned). ** 

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