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Here are the extra bits that you can add into your skincare routine as you get more comfortable with the type of skin you have and the skincare you use.

4. Makeup Remover: 

Don't be tempted to grab the cheapest pack of makeup wipes and think you're set. Makeup wipes are widely hated in the beauty industry, and although some are good and lots of people get on with them and love them, there are also people who hate them and think they don't remove makeup but just moves it around the face. Something like a Micellar water or cleansing oil is a good makeup remover and there's plenty that work effectively and are affordable. Your cream cleanser can also play this part if it is a good cleanser that will remove all traces makeup. You may want to double cleanse - once to remove makeup, second to cleanse your skin.

5. Eye Cream:

Another controversial topic in the skincare world but something I think makes a lot of difference. Even if you are in your teens or early twenties, an eye cream can really help how your makeup looks around your eye area. If you have quite dry under eye areas, or suffer from super dark circles, an eye cream can make a huge difference. They aren't just for anti-ageing purposes. Firming eye creams can also be used if you are in your twenties as we all get little fine lines under our eyes and concealer often tends to crease and not look good. See, can really change how your makeup looks.

6. Serum/Oil:

Not an essential when you are first starting out with a skincare routine, but basically a serum is a more concentrated version of a moisturiser which penetrates the skin and really gets under the epidermis (outer skin layer). This is also dependant on what kind of skin type you have or what concerns you are trying to treat. As for oils, these can be used by anyone. Seriously, anyone. Even you oily skin gals. Oil helps balance out the skin and has many benefits which you probably aren't aware of. I use an oil every night mixed in with my serum and my goodness it's a power duo I tell ya. 

7. Treatments/Spot Treatments:

Pretty self explanatory really. Treatments don't just come in the form of spot treatments, but they can also help with any scars left from past breakouts, any dark marks or freckles from sun damage, gently exfoliate the skin without the use of exfoliating beads or even just to give an extra hydration boost. This is also the step for an exfoliator so if you need a good scrub once or twice a week, then this is the step for you. Treatments come in all different sorts and it's these that could change your skin's condition long term. 

8. Masks:

There are so many different masks available that it can be quite over whelming, but here's my advice. Stick to what you know. If you have never tried a face mask before, then unfortunately it's very trial and error with all skincare. Some maybe completely life changing and others could be completely pants, but at least you know that those products don't work for you, aren't worth even looking at. But stick with what suits your skin. If your skin is looking dull and a tad grey, then go for a radiance, renewing mask which will brighten your complexion. If you have very congested skin then get an exfoliator (chemical or manual) which will get into those pores and clear out the dirt and rubbish that shouldn't be there. Suffering from a bad breakout? Get a clay mask on those bad boys and chill for a little while. It really doesn't have to be a chore to take care of your skin and if you remember what works for your skin, and what doesn't, you'll be a skincare pro in no time.

Do you have any favourite skincare extras?

** Disclaimer: I am in no where a skincare expert or claim to know everything about skincare. This is just what I have learnt and picked up along the way and I have done a lot of trial and error so I can give you my thoughts on what does and doesn't work for me. Please always read the instructions on the product and make sure you are taking the necessary precautions (like wearing SPF) to prevent any damage or irritation. Plus, the products in the photos are not what you have to buy, they're just some of my favourites and I recommend them.

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