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I often get asked what skincare products are worth buying, and how to put together your own skincare routine. So let's go back to basics.

Now we know what skin types there are and hopefully you've found which type/s your skin goes into, it's time to start with the skin care.
A skincare routine is simple. Start with a basic routine. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. I always say to stick with a skincare routine for a couple of months at the least, because this will be long enough to see if the products really work for you skin. Don't change around your products too much, and if you do, do it one at a time and introduce them gradually, otherwise you could have a bad reaction to one and you would have to then figure out which one by process of elimination which is not fun, believe me. 

1. Cleanse:

No matter what skin type you have,  I always recommend a nourishing cream, lotion or balm cleanser. These are the ones which will continue to give your skin hydration but will also clean your skin without it feeling stripped and tight. It will also balance out your skin if you have some oily patches. Sometimes you may feel like you need a lighter cleanser in the morning, and that's fine, but let's start with just one for now. 

2. Tone:

Aka The forgotten step. I find using a toner makes such a difference to my skin. Again, depending on your skin type depends on what kind of toner you go for, but I started off with something very simple (from Simple) just to try it out and get into the habit of using a toner, and then I reassessed and if it's working for my skin or not. There are lots of different formulations for all skin types. Whether you need an anti-bacterial, spot treating one, or even a gentle, exfoliating toner, there are lots to choose from which is why I recommend starting simple.

3. Moisturise:

Moisturisers can be quite difficult to choose but whatever skin concerns you have, you should always moisturise your skin. It is so important. If you have very oily skin, then a light texture like a gel is something you may want to give a go as this will give you enough moisture, yet won't make you super oily. For dry skin, a thick moisturiser is probably the way to go, depending on how dry your skin is, but you may find you need a slightly thinner one for the day time as thick moisturisers tend to not sit well under makeup.

There are other steps that you can gradually add in to your skincare routine when you feel a little more comfortable. So check back tomorrow when we'll be going through the extras for your skincare routine.

What are your basic skincare recommendations?

** Disclaimer: I am in no where a skincare expert or claim to know everything about skincare. This is just what I have learnt and picked up along the way and I have done a lot of trial and error so I can give you my thoughts on what does and doesn't work for me. Please always read the instructions on the product and make sure you are taking the necessary precautions (like wearing SPF) to prevent any damage or irritation. Plus, the products in the photos are not what you have to buy, they're just some of my favourites and I recommend them.

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