A Beauty Essential: Beauty Myths #7


We made it. Day 7 and hopefully there's some of you still reading. It's the final day of Beauty Myths Week so I thought I would share some of my thoughts about these two myths. Feel free to share your thoughts on any of these posts this week and hope you enjoy. 

1. Filing your nails back and forth is the right way to file and shape your nails.

I always thought this, and I am guilty of the occasional laze, back and forth filing motion for a quicker smoother edge. But filing your nails back and forth can be damaging for a lot of reasons. Doing this causes your nails to be brittle and also causes flaking and splitting. 

2. Natural products are better for your skin.

When I typed in natural products online, these products were the most common ones to pop up. Organic and Natural are two words thrown around a lot and of course there's different opinion on each. The products above have Natural Ingredients 

Be sure to check back tomorrow day one of a new week here on it's a beauty thing. Can anyone guess what next weeks theme might be?

Any myths from this week that have caught your attention?

** Disclaimer: I am in no way a skincare/beauty/skin expert and I do not claim to know everything about the beauty industry, however these are things I have picked up, learnt, researched and experimented with and all thoughts are my own opinions, you may have your own opinions and experiences which may not be the same as mine which is fine. Everyone is entitiled to their own opinions and have different views and even skin types etc. ** 

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