A Beauty Essential: Beauty Myths #6


It's Saturday, day 6 of Beauty Myths Week here on it's a beauty thing and here's some more myths to get you thinking.

1. Diet, alcohol and smoking does not contribute to your skins condition.

Biggest load of bull I've ever heard. We've already discussed dehydrated skin in yesterday's post, but diet and lifestyle are all major factors in your skins condition. If you drink too much alcohol on a regular basis, this can not only cause dehydrated and sallow skin, and can have adverse effects with your overall health - obviously, but can cause dark circles, dark spots, dry, tight and uncomfortable patches as well as leave you with a super dull complexion and the lack of water can emphasise any wrinkles, fine lines and leave you nutrient and vitamins deficient. Smoking does the same, it will give you sallow, dull skin, whilst leaving skin dehydrated, premature ageing and can cause scarring to be bigger and redder than that of a non smoker. Plus say goodbye to glowy, healthy looking skin. Or say goodbye to the nicotine sticks that are making you look 10 years older. Plus, it's totally not cool.

(I used to smoke up until a year ago, so I know quitting isn't easy, but it's possible. I don't bother about people smoking around me now, I don't particularly like the smell or look of it and cannot believe I put those things in my mouth and spent so much money and time on them, but giving them up has helped my health, my skin, and my overall opinions on the bad habit and I couldn't be more proud of myself. So if I can do it, you sure as heck can too). 

2. Shaving makes hair grow back thicker.
Another example of our misinformation of how the human body works, the secrets behind it's uses and our desire to unlock them. Shaving does not have any affect on the thickness of your hair or the rate it grows at. Plus, shaving is removing the outside part of the hair, the dead part. But the inside part of the hair is still living and therefore is unlikely to affect the rate of which the hair grows or the thickness. 

What are your thoughts on today's myths?

** Disclaimer: I am in no way a skincare/beauty/skin expert and I do not claim to know everything about the beauty industry, however these are things I have picked up, learnt, researched and experimented with and all thoughts are my own opinions, you may have your own opinions and experiences which may not be the same as mine which is fine. Everyone is entitiled to their own opinions and have different views and even skin types etc. ** 

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