A Beauty Essential: Beauty Myths #3


Today is two myths that I have always thought to be accurate, until a few months ago, where I researched it a little bit more. Now having a little more knowledge of the beauty scene, I can see why people can think they're true. 

1. Wearing makeup everyday is bad for your skin.

There are so many responses for this, but first off I'm going to address the obvious things first and foremost. Who says? Makeup is something that sits on your skin, and if you are careful with the makeup you use, keep an eye on what products do and don't react well to your skin, then it's not bad for your skin. Plus mineral products are something that IS good for your skin, and that's makeup. So? Next order of business. Wash it off thoroughly. Makeup will only be bad for your skin if you leave it on their at the end of the day, rather than thoroughly removing it and making sure your face is clean. Most of the time, makeup doesn't have any major negative effects. If you use a silicone based primer, this puts a barrier between your skin and your makeup, which then puts a barrier between your face and the rest of the world which holds pollution, bacteria, environment and harmful rays. Plus, their are many nutrients and vitamins in makeup which can really help your skin. I use quite a few products when applying my makeup, but I use very small amounts and build it up gradually, as I don't want to wear a lot of makeup everyday, so I start off small and build up where needed, I find this is another good tip if you're worried about makeup being bad for your skin. Start off small. Just remember, this is my opinion. Not everyone's.

2. Trimming your hair regularly will make your hair grow faster.

While trimming your hair on a regular basis makes your hair look and feel much better with any split ends being taken off, it doesn't increase the speed your hair grows at. As the ends of your hair are actually dead, regardless of how well you treat them, they're still dead, your hair only grows from the roots (which is the living part), not the ends. When you have split ends, it causes breakage on your hair, making it difficult for it to get any longer. But, when you have had a hair cut and you are split end free, your hair finally manages to grow without any breakage - for a little while anyway. Hence the feeling of it growing faster, it's always been growing, but the ends aren't breaking off anymore. 

I hope this has helped and answered any questions you may have. Be sure to check back tomorrow for day 4 of my beauty myths week.

** Disclaimer: I am in no way a skincare/beauty/skin expert and I do not claim to know everything about the beauty industry, however these are things I have picked up, learnt, researched and experimented with and all thoughts are my own opinions, you may have your own opinions and experiences which may not be the same as mine which is fine. Everyone is entitiled to their own opinions and have different views and even skin types etc. ** 

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