A Beauty Essential: Beauty Myths #1


This week is all about something I have never discussed before on my website. Beauty myths. This things you hear people say which sounds plausible, but actually, dig a little deeper and you'll see not all of them are true. I hope you enjoy this weeks theme, let's kick it off with two of my favourite myths.

1. Expensive cosmetics and skincare is better than drugstore/inexpensive products.

This is a statement that in the beauty community gets thrown around a lot. But actually, there is no proof. It's down to personal preference and if you don't like drugstore products, that doesn't mean they aren't as good as higher end, it's just your opinion. There are good and bad in drugstore and high end products. I for one am an avid tester of all things drugstore and high end. I like lots of high end products yet, but I also like lots of drugstore products too (for example the ones in the picture above). 

2. It's good when your products make your skin tingle.

I don't know where this has come from. When products make our skin tingle or sting, it's definitely not a good sign. It's your skins way of telling you that it's irritating and that it is not a good thing to use on your particular skin. Just to clarify, some products can slightly tingle or sting your skin upon first application, however as long as it doesn't continue to sting or burn or cause any sort of redness or rash, then in my experience, it's okay. But I suggest doing a sort of patch test so that if any irritation is to occur, it's not all over your face and neck and on a part that is easy to conceal if need be. Above are such things I have found to tingle on first application, but then actually do brilliant things for my skin.

What do you think to these myths? 

** Disclaimer: I am in no way a skincare/beauty/skin expert and I do not claim to know everything about the beauty industry, however these are things I have picked up, learnt, researched and experimented with and all thoughts are my own opinions, you may have your own opinions and experiences which may not be the same as mine which is fine. Everyone is entitiled to their own opinions and have different views and even skin types etc. ** 

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