A Beauty Chat: How to: Choose the right foundation: Part Two


Following on from part one which went through how to pick the right shade and undertone for your foundation, we are now going to cover all things coverage and finish wise. Get it, cover? Oh I'm hilarious.

What finish is best for my skin type?
When it comes to skin, it's very difficult to narrow down and pin point every single issue because everyone's skin is so different, but let's give it a go. 

What finishes are there? Matte, dewey and satin are the most common names for the finishes. They're pretty self explanatory but for those who don't know; matte is better for those with oily to combination skin types as a matte foundation tends to have a flatter appearance on the skin and controls oils and shine much more than the others. If getting shiny and oily through the day is a concern, then this finish is the one for you. Dewey is basically the complete opposite. More suited to those with dry to normal skin as this gives a luminous glow so it's not looking so dry. As for satin, this is pretty much in the middle. Not too matte but not too dewey. It's the most natural of the bunch. Someone with more combination to oily skin may find they prefer this rather than a very flat and matte look. For those of you with dry to normal skin who don't like super dewey and glowy and like a bit of a powdery, less shiny finish this may be the one for you. I hope that all makes sense.

But what coverage do I need?
Coverage is a much more of a personal decision, and not something anyone can tell you to have, apart from yourself. Depending on what kind of skin concerns you have, be it suffering with breakouts, dark spots, pigmentation, redness and lots of other concerns depends on the coverage you want. If you prefer to have a flawless, even complexion and want everything to be covered then a medium to full coverage is more up your alley, but if you don't mind a few freckles showing through or have a few breakouts that you aren't bothered about covering then the lighter coverage foundations are more for you. If you have pretty good skin (lucky buggers) a light coverage foundation or even a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream may be suitable, just to even out your skin tone. You can get light coverage with a matte finish or heavy coverage with dewey finish. There are lots of options available and many more than what I have gone through but this is the basics and with experience, trial and error and practise, you will come to know what you do and don't like. Simple as that. 


L'Oreal True Match - Natural finish, perfect for dry up to combination - light but buildable coverage.
Revlon Colourstay - Satin (on my skin), there's different skin type options so combination to oily formula or normal to dry formula - medium to full coverage.
Maxfactor Face Finity 3 in 1 - Matte finish, medium coverage - primer, foundation and concealer in one - normal to combination.
Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator - Dewey finish, sheer coverage, dry to combination skin.
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Natural finish, medium to full coverage, dry to combination. Not great for oily.
NARS Sheer Glow - Dewey Finish, medium coverage and perfect for dry to combination. There is a matte version which is perfect for oily skin types.

Foundation isn't a mask, it's there to even everything out not cover everything completely. It's a personal thing and whatever you're comfortable with is what you should go for. These tips are just guidelines and things I have learnt and picked up, but everyone is different, different skin, different concerns, different people, different preferences. I think I made my point about everyone being different right? Once more? Everyone is different. So don't feel like these are the makeup wearers rules. Just something to help you if you're struggling with finding a foundation that matches you and that you're happy with.

I hope this two part post for finding your perfect foundation has helped. Please let me know if you have any other tips that I haven't written and if you have any questions then you know the drill, comments or social media. Thanks for reading.

What's your favourite foundation?

** Disclaimer - I am in no way an expert in foundation matching, however this is what I have learnt, my opinions and tips, so please bare that in mind. The finishes and recommendations is based on what it's like on my skin, as I have combination to normal so I still get some dry patches but also can get oily through my t-zone. 

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