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Day 6 Of drugstore week here on IABT 

What good is makeup without having something to apply it with? This post is to show you two of my favourite brands of makeup brushes from the drugstore. There are plenty of other brands there too, but these are just the ones I like.

Real Techniques:

The Core Collection £21.98 from RT is a brilliant set for those starting out with makeup and aren't too sure what they like at the minute. This brand of brushes has been created by Samantha Chapman part of the PixiWoo sisters on good ol' YouTube. Nic has now joined her sister and they have come out with some even more amazing products, including the Miracle Complexion Sponge. But this kit (in my opinion) is all you will need for starting out on your makeup application journey (or something). However I have a feeling there will be a trip to Boots soon as the brushes are on 3 for 2 currently and I don't need any more of a reason than that.

Buffing Brush: 

- Perfect for cream, liquid and mineral foundation.
- Also used for: blush, bronzer, powder, blending concealer.

Contour Brush: 

- Applies contour and highlighter with a soft focus finish and applies concealer flawlessly.
- Also used for: foundation, blush, powder.

Detailer Brush:

- A perfect point to conceal blemishes and imperfections with precision.
- Also used for: lip brush, eyeshadow. 

Pointed Foundation Brush: 

- Apply liquid foundation or concealer with this and built the coverage.
- Also used for: concealer, highlighter. 

Miracle Complexion Sponge: £5.99

- Flat edge fits to contours of face i.e. around nose and eyes.
- Pointy tip for precise concealing.
- Rounded sides for covering larger areas of face. 
- Also used for: powder, blush and highlight.


6 Piece Starter Set £15.99 is one of the first brush sets I bought when I started out with my makeup obsession. The bamboo sets from ET are incredibly Eco-friendly (hence the name EcoTools), but they have soft, synthetic taklon bristles that are 100% cruelty-free, as well as being made from natural and recycled materials. Although the brushes aren't as multi purpose as the RT brushes, they're still pretty versatile. Overall the quality of these brushes are very good and I would really like to pick up some more of these I just have been trying other ones and already have far too many brushes. But these are also on 3 for 2 at Boots so I have a feeling my brush collection is going to grow even more whilst that sale is on. 

Blush Brush:

- Perfect size for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweeping up towards hair line.
- Also used for: bronzer, powder, highlighter. 

Concealer Brush: 

- The right size for getting under the eyes and also for covering any blemishes and imperfections using the tip for precision and flat side for blending.
- Also used for: setting powder under eyes, eyeshadow, highlighter.

Eye Shading Brush:

- Packs on colour like a dream, or can be swept over the lid for a wash of colour.
- Also used for: concealer, highlight, brow bone highlight.

Eyeliner Brush:

- Can get right into those lashes to add definition.
- Also used for: smudging eyeliner, eyebrows.

Lash & Brow Groomer: 

- Easy to brush through brows to tame and shape them.
- Also used for: running comb through lashes to separate after applying mascara.

So there we have it. I hope you liked this post and feel free to leave a comment below sharing some of your favourite drugstore makeup brushes. Check back tomorrow for more drugstore goodness.

Have you tried anything else from Real Techniques or EcoTools?

Links to Pixiwoo YouTube channel and RT site HERE and HERE!!

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