Drugstore Dupes - Part 2 - Skincare & Nails


Day 5 Of drugstore week here on IABT

As promised, although it's a bit late in the day, here's part 2 of the drugstore dupes, for all things nail and skincare related. Enjoy.

1. Barry M Nail Paints VS O.P.I. Nail Polish:

I am very into my nail polishes and I have many colours from both of these brands and the main reason I chose these as alternatives is the fact that both formulas are very pigmented and opaque in 1-2 coats, they come in so many different shades and textures and are just incredible nail polishes. Probably my two favourite brands of nail polish too and there's just no messing around with these two brands. Price wise, the O.P.I.'s are £11.95 full price - however they're £6.93 on Beautybay.com so go check out what colours they have left - and for Barry M they range from £2.99 to £3.99 depending on the formula you go for.

2. The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter VS REN Rosa Centifolia Purity No1 Cleansing Balm: 

Not two cleansers you would out together and although the REN cleanser is slightly balm-y I. Texture, the TBS Cleansing Butter is such a strange and unique product that the REN offering was the first thing that came to mind, as it's just so soft and silky and both have a knack of completely melting makeup and keep the skin very nourished and hydrated. The Purity Cleansing Balm is £30.00 whilst the Chamomile Cleansing Butter is £12.00. 

3. Naturally Radiant Radiance Beauty Balm VS Clarins beauty Flash Balm: 

This you will see in the next Face Off post but for now I wanted to quickly mention these. Both work on the same concept that you apply to the skin before makeup and they give a natural glow to the complexion without using any shimmer. They can also be used over makeup, on their own and give long lasting moisturisation to the skin and smooth the skin and evens out your skin tone. Amazing right? So much from such a little tube and the Superdrug own brand come in at £5.99 (currently on sale for £2.98) and the Clarins BFB is £25.50 at Escentual.com and full price is £29.00 from Clarins.co.uk.

4. Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser VS Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish:

This has appeared in the Face Off #1 ?? That I posted a little while ago and was also another instant thought when's used the NR Hot Cloth Cleanser. They're a very thick and creamy consistency that really keeps the skin moisturised whilst cleaning your skin. The C&P is better at removing makeup effectively than the other one however they both clean the skin so gently and efficiently. Superdrug's own brand cleanser comes in at £5.99 but is on offer for £2.98, and the Liz Earle cleanser is £14.75 for the starter kit which includes a 100ml cleanser with pump and 2 Liz Earle Muslin Cloths which are my favourites and I use them everyday, and you can get that kit from Johnlewis.com.

5. Naturally Radiant Renewal Mask VS Elemis Papaye Enzyme Peel:

Superdrug's Maturally Radiant Range are giving higher end products a run for their money, as the Renewal Face Mask is in my opinion incredibly similar to the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel as I find they are both pretty gentle exfoliating, radiance renewal masks and they don't irritate the skin or are too harsh yet they both make the skin feel super soft and smooth. Price difference? Full price for NR is£4.99 - on sale for £2.99 and for PEP, £29.50 feelunique.com.

6. Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner VS Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner:

We're talking toners this time and the Botanics All Bright Toner comes in at full price £3.99 (sale price currently £1.99) and the Clarins Toner is £22.00 from Escentual.com and £25.00 from Clarins.co.uk and Boots. These both work in a similar way in that they use fruit acids to gently exfoliate the skin, therefore eliminating the risk of damaging the skins surface using exfoliating beads. A brilliant concept and trust me it works amazingly. Perfect for dull, blemish prone, congested and spot  scarred skin. A wonder product right? And look at that price difference. 

7. Revlon Photo Ready Face Perfecting Primer VS Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm:

Anyone who reads my blog knows that the Benefit Porefessional is a much loved primer for my blemish prone, large pore-d skin and although other things have been tried, they just haven't really come close. But the Revlon Photo Ready primer has come very close, and although I would chose the Benefit one on this occasion, the Photo Ready is a brilliant alternative for those on a lower budget who can't get the Porefessional. And with quite a large price difference it's well worth trying the drugstore alternative first. The Revlon primer comes in at £11.99 and for Benefits primer, it's a whopping £24.50.

Do you have any drugstore alternatives to some higher end products?

** These products are cheaper alternatives to the higher priced products. They may not be the exact same, texture, shade, product, or have the same performance etc.

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