A Feature: How to: Remove Glitter Nail Polish In 1 swipe


I used to stay well clear of glitter nail polish as the hassle of spending hours trying to get the darn stuff off just wasn't worth the few days of sparkley goodness. But now I can wear it as much as I like and not be worried about removing it. Want to know how? Okay let's go...

Cotton rounds just do not cut it when it comes to removing glitter polish, but lint free nail wipes are the answer. What the heck are they, you say? Well, go onto eBay or Amazon and type in lint free nail wipes and you can buy them in bulk like I did, unknowingly, and they will probably last you a lifetime. They're so cheap and they're just amazing at removing glitter polish - not normal nail polish though surprisingly.

Cotton Round VS Glitter Polish = 0-1 to Glitter...

Lint Free Wipe VS Glitter Polish = 1-0 to Lint Free Wipes...


So how do they work? Okay so all you have to do, is put some nail polish remover on one of the wipes and wrap it round the ends of your fingers that has glitter polish on.

Like so....

Leave on for a minute or so, and then pinch the wipe up whilst swiping the polish away and your nail should be pretty much glitter free, if not, just repeat the step. 

It's like these little wipes laugh at glitter polish. It's just no match for these lint free rectangles of amazing-ness.

I hope this helps some of you and if you have any other tips for removing glitter polish then please leave them in a comment below.

Will you be giving this a go?

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