A Beauty Essential: SPF + Primer = Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!


Something I want to address now that the warm weather has finally shown it's face in the UK. Whether you use a primer everyday, or a separate SPF everyday or whatever, it is SO important to cleanse your skin properly.

A primers main job is mostly to fill in pores, blur imperfections or add a luminosity to the skin, which then creates a barrier between the makeup and your skin, so it needs to be removed thoroughly other wise it can block your pores and cause breakouts and clogged pores and all that nasty stuff nobody wants. 
As for SPF, I find this so important and it should be worn all year round in my opinion which is what I do.  Among some other things, I have seen a huge improvement in my own skin just by using an SPF everyday. I never used to do that. NEVER! But this is also something that needs to be removed properly at night. 

Okay, so making sure the primer and/or SPF is off your skin isn't all that difficult, it just takes a little more time (like not even 2 minutes extra). I like to double cleanse as I wear SPF and primer every single day so it's very important for me to remove it all thoroughly. I start by using a Micellar Water, I then go in with a cleansing oil, twice, to make sure every last trace of makeup is off, I then use normally a balm cleanser to cleanse my skin and make sure everything is off and my skin is clean. This may sound excessive, but it works for me, my skin thanks me for it and my skin is so soft and smooth even with a few spots and I am really happy with the result using both a primer and sun protection gives.

If you use a primer, and/or an SPF make sure you are cleansing your skin enough to make sure the last traces of makeup are gone and then go in with your cleanser of choice as your double cleanse. It takes no time at all and leaves your skin soft.

Hope you liked this post and have found it interesting and insightful. Please let me know what you think  and thanks for reading. 

What's your favourite SPF for your face?

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