A Beauty Essential: Monday Mani #2


Sorry for the last post today guys, the fitting of our new shower is taking longer than we thought but I wanted to get this one up today. Following on from last weeks first ever Monday mani, I have a subtle, nude ombré for you today, which I saw on Pinterest and I loved the idea of a nude ombré so I gave it a go and on first try I got this...

I really love this as it is an easier, unique version of a French manicure, which let's be honest, I'm rubbish at thanks to my oh so shakey hands and lack of patience. But this, I am loving, and it can be done using so many different colour combos and I have a feeling, now that I've mastered this whole ombré thing, these will be showing up a lot more frequently. Best get some more sponges ordered. 

Polishes and tools used...

1. Paint all nails with two coats of Maybelline Colour Show in Winter Baby or any white polish, don't worry about it being perfect because it'll be worse later. 

2. Once base is dry, apply a strip of the white and your chosen nude polish, for mine I'm using the Maybelline Color Show in Latte on to a sponge (any cosmetic wedge shaped sponge is fine), making sure there is enough on there so it transfers onto the nail. 

3. Lightly pat the sponge across the nails. You will need to layer using this same technique which you can do either straight away or do one layer on each nail then go back over as many times as you need to but be sure to re-apply the polish each time to build up the opaque-ness.

4. Apply a top coat like the Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat to seal in the design, this will also make the nails smooth and shiny rather than bumpy and not very opaque. You'll have something that looks like this... 

5. Using a cotton bud and some nail polish remover, clean up around the edges. Be careful not to smudge any of the polish on the nail. Aternatively, you can wait for it to dry completely and peel it off which is what I did and once I had a bath it came off so easily.

 What do you think to this mani? Going to give it a shot?

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  1. really subtle and pretty, will have to give it a go :)

    1. I love it, let me know how you get on with trying it, would love to see it :)


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