A Beauty Chat: Monday Mani #1


I know I've already posted today but I wanted to start this this week so I won't be posting tomorrow but be sure to check back on Wednesday to see a look I have been loving.

You may notice that the title isn't something that has been seen on IABT before. But as I have an unhealthy obsession for all things beauty related, I noticed one of the subjects that was my first love, isn't something that's included often or has it's own dedicated post. So I thought Monday Mani would be a fun change where I can share some special moments between me and some bottles of nail polish. Too far? I agree. So, the purpose of this post? To share some of my current favourites, some manis I have found that I like and want to try, a manicure that I have done, or even some of my tips, essentials or favourite nail art designs or any other nail related topics. 

Kicking off this new type of post, I thought I would share with you my manicure that I'm actually pretty proud of, which to be honest, I totally winged it. These can be switched up for different colours as well as different patterns on each finger. 

Polishes and tools used...

1. Paint base colours on nails, two coats is best but depending on how opaque the polishes you are using are, it's down to personal preference.
Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink  - pinky and pointer fingers
Maybelline Colour Show in Winter Baby - thumb and middle finger
Ciate in Sand Dune and Seventeen Rock Hard Couture in Charm Bracelet - ring finger (accent)
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat - to seal in the design and make your nails super shiny.

2. Using Ciate in Sand Dune and the purple dotting tool apply random dots on the white bases. As well as on the pink pointer fingers at the base of the nail.

3. While you are waiting for step 2 to dry, apply a generous layer of the Seventeen Rock Hard Couture in Charm Bracelet over the Ciate polish on the ring fingers.

4. Once the Ciate polka dots have dried, using the same dotting tool, apply the Seventeen glitter polish over the dots, not forgetting the one on the pink pointer finger.

5. Apply the Seche Vite top coat to seal everything in and make your nails super shiny. This is the only top coat I use now and I love it. 

I hope you like this kind of post, that I am explaining it clear enough and I look forward to doing many more Mani Mondays and I will do my best to be consistent and do it every Monday. Thanks for reading.

What do you think to this design?

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