A Beauty Chat: An introduction to: L'Oreal


Day 2 Of drugstore week here on IABT 

Continuing on with drugstore week, I thought I would give you an introduction into one of my favourite brands at the drugstore.

L'Oreal is possibly one of my favourite brands that are just a good all rounder. There products are all amazing quality, give amazing results and most are in my everyday routines. So I thought I would show you some of my favourites and share why I like them.


EverRiche Shampoo & Conditioner // Elvive Shampoo & Conditioner // EverRiche Elixir // Mythic Oil // TXT Volume Supersizing Spray // L'Extraordinaire Oil // Elnette Hair Spray // Casting Creme Gloss Hair Dye // Hot Straight Cream // 

Starting off with hair products, I have tried a variety of the ranges they have available and starting off with shampoo and conditioner. I use the EverRiche shampoo, conditioner and also the elixir mask and they give so much nourishment and softness to my hair is just love this range. I used to use the Elvive shampoo and conditioner which I still use sometimes. The Mythic Oil is such an amazing product, I cannot go a day without using this and it doesn't make my hair greasy at all. It's amazing. I have also got the Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair which I don't like as much because I feel the mythic oil is just miles better but I got on fine with it before I found the mythic oil so it's not a bad product. Another product I loved a few years ago was the Hot Straight Cream, I may pick this up again actually as this gave such a shine to my hair and it made brushing it and drying it so much easier and fuss-free. The TXT Volume Supersizing Spray is perfect for adding volume to thin and limp hair as it doesn't leave the hair feeling weighed down, but it does give a lot of texture and volume to the hair which I love. Finally is the Casting Creme Gloss hair dye which I have been using for years. I either go for the medium-ish brown or recently I have been going for mahogany or red berry just for a change. This stuff is brilliant. So easy to apply, wash out, and doesn't leave my hair feeling damaged. Only negative is the scent lingers for a few days which is something I totally hate but it's not as bad as some of the others I have tried. 


Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil // Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum // Micellar Water // 

Onto skincare now, and L'Oreal have a knack of getting everything just right. The cleansing oil that I use every night to remove my makeup (normally twice) is the Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil it's just the best I have tried. I'm on my third bottle of the stuff and I just cannot live without it. It removes makeup super quick and thoroughly and it doesn't irritate my skin, it just removes makeup with ease and cleans my skin at the same time. It doesn't leave an oily residue and it feels very soft on the skin. This stuff is the only cleansing oil I have tried that doesn't sting my eyes or interfere with any breakouts I may have. I just love it and I have my best friend Dani loving this stuff too. I highly recommend this to everyone. Next is the Skin Perfection Serum and this is a brilliant serum for morning and evening to even out the skin tone and texture and reduces the appearance of pores. It's a - as the name would suggest - skin perfecting. I'm not keen on the scent but I can deal with it. Finally is the Micellar Water also from the Skin Perfection range. This I found didn't remove my waterproof eye makeup as well as others I have tried but it is brilliant for correcting any mistakes whilst doing your makeup, also for removing the bulk of your face makeup, I just wouldn't use this on it's own to get all my makeup off as it can't quite finish the job.


Lumi Magique Base // True Match Foundation // BB Cream // Lumi Magique Highlighter Pen // True Match Powder // Miss Manga Mascara // Colour Infallible // L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks // Caresse Rouge Lipsticks // 

Onto makeup now and I have been really impressed with all the makeup items I have tried except for one so I will get that out the way now. Although I have seen lots of people rave about this, the Miss Manga Mascara just didn't work for me, that's all I will say on that as I don't want this to be a negative review/post. Starting with the Lumi Magique Base, this is brilliant for giving such a stunning glow to the skin without giving you a greasy look. Using the True Match foundation over this is a match made in heaven. This foundation comes in so many shades with 3 different under tones, cool, neutral and warm so there's something for everyone. It's a light base but can be built up to a medium coverage but still looking nice and light on the skin. The BB Cream is a fairly new purchase but I love it already. It comes out white but once you start to rub it into your skin, it turns a skin tone shade and gives a nice light base and evens out your complexion. The L'Oreal Lumi Magique Highlighting Concealer is my favourite for highlighting and brightening under my eyes as it is so light that it doesn't look cakey or crease through the day. I have tried the True Match Powder but Dani has it now as I just didn't use powder much anymore. But it didn't provide a huge amount of extra coverage but sets the base in place and doesn't look too powdery or (again) cakey on the skin. 
The Colour Infalliable Eyeshadows are so smooth to apply, very pigmented, and are available in a wide range of shades. Finally is lip products and the new L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks are one of my favourites. They are such an unusual product, as they have made them with oil which means they are very moisturising whilst wearing them and I just love the scent, feel and pigmentation. They don't last long but I'm not too fussed about that. The Rouge Caresse Lipsticks are also a favourite of mine, they are quite sheer, yet give enough pigmentation and moisture to make them a little more than a tinted lip balm. I love these things and I think they are brilliant for the spring and summer as they're very light and come in a huge range of colours from nudes to bright reds. 

I hope you found this helpful, if you are someone that wants to try a new brand or line of products, L'Oreal is definitely one I highly recommend. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another instalment of all things lovely at the drugstore.

Let me know what your favourite L'Oreal products are and if there are any you recommend.

Any products not in the photos means I have ran out of them and need to repurchase, this doesn't mean I like them any less.

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  1. I picked up a L'oreal liquid lipstick and I love it, it's amazing! I love the packaging too :D


    1. I love all the shades :) they're brilliant.


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