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Day 4 Of drugstore week here on IABT 

For a little bonus post today, I thought I would do something very different to what I have done before. I thought I would do a tag post. There's lots floating around on YouTube so I thought it would a perfect little entry for this weeks drugstore theme.

1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Revlon and L'Oreal 
I couldn't decide between the two, as Revlon has some brilliant face and lip products and the same with L'Oreal so I just could not choose.

2. What is your favourite face, cheek and lip products?

Face: Revlon Colourstay Whipped Foundation // Rimmel Master Perfection Concealer are my favourite products at the minute. I just love the consistency of them both and they work really well together or on there own. I think the Revlon Foundation is such a brilliant high coverage foundation and although I use the liquid sometimes, I prefer the whipped version a lot more. The Rimmel concealer is a fairly new discovery but I think it's so amazing at highlighting and brightening it's exactly what I need. 
Cheeks: Maxfactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush // MUA Blushers my love for the Maxfactor Cream Blush is an ongoing thing, it's the first cream blush I tried and I think it's a brilliant gem of a product to be found in the drugstore. The MUA Blushers both powder and cream have some excellent pigmentation and lasting power I think they are really good products and for £1-£2 it's just incredible that they aren't more widely shouted about.
Lips: Revlon Matte Balms // Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss Sticks I am a complete sucker when it comes to lip crayon type things. They're just so easy to apply, easy to carry around in your bag and there are so amazing ones available at the drugstore. These two are opposite ends of the scale. The Revlon ones are pretty new to the drugstore and they're brilliant on all aspects. For the Soap & Glory ones, these are often forgotten but they're very glossy and so easy to just whack on whilst running out the door. Although there aren't as many shades to choose from than the matte balms, these are still very wearable and for a casual day these are perfect.

3. What is your least favourite product?

Bourjois Foundations. Bourjois' shade range sucks for pale gals like me. I have a very fair complexion and Bourjois just don't stack up and I have two foundations from Bourjois that are about 3 shades to dark for me and they're the palest shades they do. The concealers are far too dark as well and I am really disappointed as I really like the actual formulas and coverage etc.

4. What is your best makeup bargain?
L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks have been a real eye opener to the quality of l'oreal products. I didn't want to go with most of the other answers and go for the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as I find these are just way more exciting. They're made with an oil which is very hydrating for the lips and although they don't have a brilliant lasting power on them, the product it's self is comfortable to wear on the lips, the pigmentation is incredible and they're £8.99 I believe and I think that is just amazing.

5. What is your favourite underdog product?

Rimmel Master Perfection Concealer is, as I said before, my favourite concealer at the minute. This is the perfect shade for my skin which means I can highlight with it, use under my eyes to brighten, and the consistency means it's okay to do all of those things with it. As much as I love a lot of other drugstore products, this has been a stand out product for me in April and coming into May and I am really impressed and feel it deserves a bigger following.

6. What is the product that is over priced?

Mascaras in general I find are very over priced for the drugstore, I am not the only one who has out this as an answer in this tag and I just feel that they are often more expensive than foundations and I just don't feel they should be that highly priced. All the mascaras I have tried are from the drugstore but I hate putting in my PIN number to pay for the darn things when they're more than even the Revlon Colourburst foundation is cheaper than some mascaras I just think it's unnecessary.

7. Show your best drugstore dupes?
I'm not going to answer this question today, as my post in tomorrow is going to show you all the drugstore dupes/alternatives I have found, so I'm going to save that until tomorrow.

8. What is the product not worth the hype?

This was fairly difficult but in my opinion the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation was just a product that let me down, the shade range is pants and the actual foundation is just not that good performance wise and although I used to use this foundation before I started collecting makeup and blogging, I now realise this did naff all for my complexion and frankly this probably should have been my least favourite product.

I hope you liked this tag post. It seemed appropriate given the other posts this week. If you feel I am repeating products then I do apolgise, but as I said, it's just something different. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks for reading.

I tag you! What are your least favourite products from the drugstore?

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  1. I think the Bourjois foundations are great - but yes I agree the colour range isn't great really. I have to bronze my face to get the shade to look normal. I've recently been trying the match perfection concealer too, I love it for undereyes. x



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