A Beauty Chat: How to: Cover redness and blemishes - Yellow VS Green?


Ever woken up from a really good sleep only to notice you have a huge zit on your face that a mountain of concealer won't cover? Carry on reading as I have the answer for you. 

A little while ago I had been breaking out very badly and I tried all sorts of ways to cover the redness from the blemishes without making it look cakey and even more noticeable. So one Sunday morning whilst busting some moves to Eminem and Rihanna's The Monster, I applied my primer, and I remembered I had watched a video the night before which was trying to prove which was best for covering redness, yellow or green. So I dug out this concealer palette which I bought for next to nothing online, but they can be found in many different brands ranges. But anyway, I had a lot of redness from active breakouts as well as scars and marks left behind so I thought I would test it out. I still have scars now and use this method to conceal those. 

The winner? Yellow.

Here's what I did...
Using a pretty dense brush I pushed the concealer on to the skin, then, once there, I used small circular motions to buff the product in to my skin. The redness went pretty much straight away but with a stubborn active breakout I had to apply a little more, so without foundation, concealer or anything else, the redness was already gone. Amazing right? I went ahead and applied my foundation and the rest of my makeup and the redness stayed covered up pretty much all day - if any touch ups needed, I would just use the Collection Concealer or the M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer just to go over the blemish/scar/redness. A concealer palette like this costs a few quid but if you don't want to purchase one, then a yellow toned concealer will contribute to reducing the redness just as well. You can also get green or yellow primers to counteract the redness or corrector sticks - like the new Colour Correcting Sticks that Maxfactor have just bought out which I am so eager to try as there's a pink, yellow, green, purple and a champagne highlight one so I need to go and get a couple of those and try them out, so I'll let you know on those. 

Yellow worked for me but the debate of yellow vs green isn't over. For many people, green can counteract redness, which is why getting a palette like this can be useful so you can test out both and see which one works for you. As it is so inexpensive, trying out a few of the shades can be handy and then you can get an individual one for whichever works for you. There's also a pinky salmon shade for covering dark circles and some darker shades that you could use as a cream contour/bronzer. 

Which colour works for you - Yellow or Green?

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