A Beauty Chat: How to: Cover Dark Circles


Dark circles are a skin concern that a lot of people have. And what they are, what causes them, and how to get rid or cover them are the FAQ's. So I thought I'd answer some of those for you now. 

What are dark circles: Dark circles are the discolouration of the skin which can be caused by numerous things. But it is the overproduction of some pigment happy cells.

What causes dark circles: There are numerous causes of dark circles. They can be hereditary, so checking out if family members have them may give you an answer as to what caused yours. 
There's also the over exposure to sun (the same way freckles are made) meaning your skin needs some TLC. Other causes are simply down to lifestyle choices - Staying up late and not getting your required hours beauty sleep is a common cause for discolouration around your eyes. Health is another creater of dark circles. You know what I'm gunna say, healthy diet, drink lots of water, blah blah blah. Also, take a look at your smoking habit if you have one, and then quit - it can happen, I'm 11 months smoke free now and it has improved many aspects of my health. Believe it or not, allergies and gluten intolerance can be shown as dark circles or discolouration too. Crazy right?

What can I do: So far this all sounds pretty soul destroying if you are battling the blue and purple eyed monsters (sorry - couldn't help it), but there are ways to help this worldwide skin woe. Although it seems to be something that always comes up when talking about skin troubles, drinking lots of water really does help, and in many other ways too, not just for dark circles. So here's some other ways to help reduce the appearance of those dark circles. 

1. Skincare: As always, skincare is a huge part of dealing with any skin concern. First off is treating the area, and there are many at home treatments that can be done, whether that's by sitting with cucumber slices on your eyes for a while, or even by putting a spoon in the freezer for 10 minutes then holding that over your eye. These are ways to de-puff and de-stress those tired eyes. 
Using an eye cream high in Vitamin K and Retinol will reduce puffiness and discolouration, that can be caused by a deficiency in Vitamin K and with long term use, differences can be noticed.

2. Covering: Onto covering those nasty panda eyes, rather than throw a load of concealer onto the area, the blue and purple tones are what needs to be covered, so counteracting those colours will make concealing them a lot easier with less product. Start off with a corrector that is a peachy/salmon shade. Lightly apply to the discolouration and build up if needed. Once those dark tones have been corrected, it's time for concealer. Using a highlighting or brightening pen type concealer is light in texture so won't cause any creasing but will brighten the area and cover the last signs of those dark circles. 

3. Lifestyle: As said above, your lifestyle is another huge part of dark circles. If you're staying up until ridiculous times watching too much TV, eating junk food and not getting sleep, it's your body's way of telling you it doesn't like it. Try and determine exactly how much sleep you need and make sure you get it every night. 
Back to the food intolerances. Deal with them. Go and see if you have any food allergies, and any other allergies too like hayfever. If you rule all those out, discuss with a professional what other allergies might be causing it, a chemical used in your home or work place? Pet hair? There are lots of reasons you can have dark circles. People with allergies tend to have a deficiency in B6, folic acid and B12 so taking a multivitamin can help. 
If you are one of those people who drinks alcohol either on a regular occurrence, or just every so often. Be aware that alcohol can also cause dark circles, and so can drugs. You don't have to refrain from them completely but just take in moderation (obviously I'm only talking about the alcohol consumption, recreational drugs are your own business and nothing I, a complete stranger, can say to stop you from taking them, just be aware these can also be a cause for dark circles).

Remember: Treat eye area with care, be very gentle, use your ring finger to apply anything, and always pat on skin lightly, don't swipe and tug, as rubbing the eyes irritates the skin and can break tiny capillaries underneath the skin causing puffiness and discolouration. So take care of those peepers. 

Do you have any tips for reducing or covering dark circles?

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  1. Great post, sometimes I spend too much time trying to conceal my dark circles when I could just be a bit healthier and get to bed earlier! x



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